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  1. Thank you all for you time input on this one and some interesting work arounds. Much appreciated. In the end because of time pressure I used trees to cover the Issue and made sure my 3d shots are taken at an angle that didn't show the top line of the fence. Fortunately there are real trees in place on the adjacent site Sometimes with Chief it is the simplest things that cost the most time Thanks again to all those that took precious time out of their day to have a look
  2. Hi All Quick Query Is there any way to make fencing higher at one end, straight along the top and still follow the terrain. He has come back wanting this in his edit of the elevation. Unfortunately fences are not editable in anything other than total height. Tried turning them in foundation walls and all sorts of other options? I cant seem to get the texture etc on a 3d solids I have done a patch up using small sections but don't want to be the designer that cant even get the top of a fence straight LOL Surely it cant be this hard for something this simple. Thanks in advance
  3. Firstly always draw the Boundaries (Plot plan) correctly in CAD never trace them. 1.Surveyor. Get the data file of the Surveyor and import it into chief is the easiest (this way any errors ( if any) are on him). 2 Second Way. Firstly draw the Boundaries correctly in CAD, Then scan as a JPG, a Survey plan, or Screen grab ( windows snipping tool) a scaled Topo plan off the council web site etc. Import the JPG into CAD detail in Chief, Expand it out to match your correctly dimensioned site plan, trace the Topo lines as CAD lines, Don't forget a north arrow for when you turn it later. I usually do this in a CAD window, Group them into a layer, then copy to Main plan. AS it is grouped at this stage position it, turn it to suit your plan and relationship the the dwelling. Then Convert CAD lines to elevation lines and set the heights manually. This should be quite accurate in 3d. 3. IF ALL else fails. Go out with a dumpy level. Set a datum point. ( manhole cover or some fixed point.) Take a lot of strategic Heights. Essentially what the builder does when he sets the site out. NOTE: The accuracy and accountability fall towards you as you go from 1 - 3 Done all 3 LOL. Number 3 as late as last week which was a small addition/deck for a friend not worthy of expensive surveyors charges. Datum Point was the house floor level. Good luck
  4. Good to chat all I don't have a high speed connection we are still on the old copper wire phone feed here at the office. Fibre is on order but Covid lockdown is holding that up. So I don't think its a connection decision. I did notice a difference when I spent 5K on upgrading my computer so it may be a Hardware decision. Essentially Its a very good Idea. You don't have to send plan files or get them to install a viewer just a one click link. The tools they have in it mean a few clicks here and there and a client can self teach and get by (although I do send the Utube link to the Instruction vid). But in the end That still leaves the first impression a client gets is a basic view and all the hours I have put into cladding plants and other details may get missed completely. Which in my view makes the presentation in 3D Cloud substandard and unusable as a Chief tool. It is a pity a few tweeks or (buttons on the load page) and it would be a wonderful tool.
  5. Hi All I have been a chief user since Chief 97 or earlier I can't remember LOL. Prob 35 years now. I had a break for 6 years and have recently upgraded form X6 to X12. I wanted to get a couple of plans under my belt before going to X13. TBH I have found the transition form X6 to X12 and progression of chief very good. Right to the point 3d cloud Viewer I have found linking to this has been quite good as apposed to sending them a client viewer to install as I did in the past. BUT I hate them seeing my presentations in Basic view with no cladding textures and less plants etc I have to instruct the client every time to go to rendering techniques and change the setting each time and its not professional. I am going to go back to the old ways and not use the Cloud 3d viewer if we cant solve this. At bare Minimum there needs to be a quick link or button on the front page giving the option rather than buried in the menus or just load Standard from the start. Any of you have an Issue with this Issue or has it been tackled with chief? Is there a reason for it? samples low res screen grabs attached Other than that Hi all finding being back really good you and Chief have done a good job since X6 :-)