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I have slightly different variant to this issue. I can't seem to get the Revision entry to display in the table. To check my Layout, I open a Chief template and went to page 1 using both "Page Information" and "+ Revision" to enter a revision, neither worked. Hum! I must be missing the obvious. Any thoughts?



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Okay. Here is my layout file that won't take the Revisions. BTW, I did try the default ARCH D and it did work. What I don't understand is mine is setup the same way with a few fewer pages. Must be a "Forest for the trees" thing again.


Thanks CA Family!

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To edit/delete a revision already input into a revision table. This is in X7, so I don't know if it is different.


1) View Tab > Project Browser (Will show up on the right)

2) Click the down arrow for Pages

3) Right click on the page that you put the revision on

4) Click Edit Page Information

5) Your revision will show up in the bottom window pane.  Click on it, and then click edit or Delete (buttons to the right)


Hope that helps.

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LamontBros, nice tip, i need to use the project browser more perhaps :)

At the same time, there are several refinements the layout tool might enjoy.

My standard has always been that every sheet in a plan set is date stamped the same as every other sheet in that issue, regardless of whether it's been changed.

It seems complicated to try and keep an index of which issue date is current for which sheet?

OTOH, revision at the Building Department are often assembled at the counter, inserting only the modified sheets, soooo

We live in an imperfect world :)

Still would be nice to have a global revision history edit capability. I just made a mistake and had to delete an entry from 20 pages.

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