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  1. I'm a small design-build contractor, I'm looking for someone to help with permit drawing for small room additions, including filed measurements and as builts.
  2. Thanks, I do that also, a useful workaround. And I do the same with noteblocks in plan as well.
  3. Thanks for the quick feedback. I'll keep the layout template trick in mind and see if I can use that. I use a layer just the way you describe.
  4. So, I'm working on a project with lots of back and forth. While I can just make copies of the layout, then edit each copy to change the sheets I print, it occurred to me I wouldn't mind being able to just set the sheet not to print as well as remove it from the sheet index. In fact, I wouldn't mind having a non printing layer where i could leave notes and instructions to drafting, a change log of decision points and major edits made during design sessions and the like.
  5. Wow, my cup runneth over - that's very helpful, thank you.
  6. Its set to CAD default, but I dont bother changing it, because I think I want it to follow the annoset, not be on a revision layer? I spose I could set it to a new REV-1 layer and then only change it when I was into REV-2, but that still leaves me having to add deltas. Given that the primary, nearly exclusive use case for the could tool is as part of a revision, it seems like a fairly obvious tool. a cloud and delta on the current ley, that asks for a version and can accept that version as a default for that work session.
  7. I must be missing something - the revision cloud tool seems really clunky. I never want the cloud on the CAD default layer and I always want a numbered delta attached to the cloud. I have to change the layer manually and add a symbol manually. There must be a better way?
  8. im putting together a more complicated than usual (for me) window order and it occurs to me it would be nice to be able to enumerate the the elements making up a factory mulled unit W10-7050MU (MulledUnit), w10.1-3040 csmnt, w10.2-30110 fxd and so on. I guess it might be interesting to list accessories in cabinets this way also? Any thoughts, tips, direction?
  9. Thanks, another great reminder. Now if you guys would just draw the plans for me......")
  10. I dimly recollect knowing how to get them to install themselves, but apparently I misremember. the vagaries of age. Anyway, thanks, that saved me some RTFM time and worked perfectly
  11. Thts waaaayyyy too easy, now I wont have anything to complain abut all day LOL I had already downloiaded the library, for some reason CA istn picking up downloads in my downloads folder, gotta figure out the path or something.
  12. That looks interesting. I'm unable to locate rollout trays, I'm apparently very lazy, do i have to RTFM and build my onw? Or are they hidden away someher obscure? MAybe I need new glasses? LOL
  13. Yeah, macros are amazing, but as you point out, a significant investment, especially relative to a spread sheet. I'm very undisciplined, so Im most comfortable building things on the fly, then refining them.
  14. I didnt quickly find a way to add new column headings using the schedule tool. I didn't find a way to do things like an electrical load calc or a plumbing fixture load calc. Spreadsheets are so fast and easy, a spread sheet version of the custom schedule might be a really useful feature. As opposed to using macros and behind the scenes stuff.