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  1. Layout is sort of a CA term for sheet. AutoCAD used to call it model space and paper space. Tha additiob of paper space or a layout view is a huge step forward in the production of documents so i certainly dont want to go backwards. Do you distribute layout files to anyone? It seems to be the layout file is an intermediate step on the way to a PDF. I do sometimes distribute a paper plan butin general I both use and distribute a PDF. Its very easy these days to open a PDF and make a few notes or hyperlink a photograph. It would be sort of nice if, after a field visit where I had annotated the P
  2. This is great information. It's not totally automatic, but since I have to manually insert a layout revision, and cloud and label revisions manually, this is easily up to par with the rest of the tool kit AND offers a solution for smart detail labels. I've often thought (aimlessly and with no actions or effort) that it might be interesting to have a detail index - maybe broken out by trade and listing the details, the sheet the detail is located on and every sheet that refers to it. Ideally, in a PDF the user could click a detail and it would bring up a menu box listing the pages\plans\views t
  3. Great info and thanks. Looks like i may be able to learn something new. Plangrid is the PDF tool that has the label reading and hyperlinking function. Theres another similar product that does the same thing but i cant remember its name.
  4. Thanks Joey. The %page% macro doesn't fix the numbering, it breaks it and renumbers every following page throwing detail callouts, previously issued sheet indexes and internal sheet references and so on out of whack off. Like the old window schedules. I've never been able to get the callout in a plan to locate the detail it refers to in another page of the layout. Is there a macro for that? I mean obviously there should be, and some PDF tools are smart enough to go through the plan and read the callouts then find the detail they refer to and hyperlink them which seems like pretty obvious funct
  5. Thanks that looks like a good method. IMHO if a sheet has been given a discipline and auto numbered, when i duplicate that sheet it could be in the same disxipline and the autonumber would offer bates functuonality. I guess in a perfect world ART would acquire and integrate a great PDF tool into Chief.
  6. Thus the to automate it....but i spose thats part of the magic of bates, new sheets dont alter any other sheet numbers. It probably is easy enough. But now i have ro number every sheet manuall as the sheet numbering macro wont work since CA doesnt support bates....hmmm....sounds like im missing skmething. @joey_martin do you have a macro that does bates numbering?
  7. Bates numbering is generally used in the production of documents to enumerate the pages. My primary use would be to create a plan set with sheets numbered using tis syatem. The new sheet created after sheet one would be sheet two. The sheet inserted between sheet one and sheet 2 would be sheet 1.1. I assume from the hilarity this ask occasions that its a ridiculous thing to expect from Chief....sigh...... I can always just print my layout to PDF with no sheet numbers and let the PDFG do the heavy lifting of indexing and numbering the sheets, but it seems like a reasonable utility fo
  8. Whers the chagrined embarassment emoji? I woulda sworn I had looked for a comment column to add top the schedule.....
  9. Got all my note types built, then built again, on the fly in annosets, pretty circular process, but since I only need to do it once in a very great while, who cares I don't seem to be able to get note comments to display in the notes schedule, has anyone else tried this? I've gotten a grip on the nomenclature as notes report to multiple schedules - interesting but maybe not useful, it might be a little too complicated to explain to subs, suppliers and homeowners. I like the idea of a "master" note schedule, display all note type, with a column locating them by sheet or by plan name
  10. Yup, I'm gonna have to do the same - this is sort of like the rev cloud thing, I'd love to be able to set a default on the fly, drop 3 or 4 items, then set a different default - I'm sure there's a way, I just have to decide its useful enough to invest the time to's been so long since I set up my annosets that may be the solution anyway. Thanks for all the tips and direction
  11. Thanks, i spose I'm so used to working the way I work I hardly ever have to modify my active defaults - new note tool looks like really being worth the effort though. I'm clearly losing my mind today, now I cant get pattern lines to shade to grey in layout view and reference plans are throwing me for a loop also - adult onset CRS I fear
  12. Has anyone figured out a way to set a default note type?
  13. Note schedules are gonna be great. I'd really like to a function similar to Google Keep - paste a list of things into Keep, it treats each line seperately - so I could dump a list of comments from an owner or plan checker into a schedule, it would automatically create a callout for each note and then I could place the callout.
  14. My contact with WCCC is as an outside plan check firm in California (West Coast Code Consultants). If you can find a licensed architect willing to review and seal your plans digitally, I'd expect most jurisdictions would accept a locally printed seal and signature. Technically, they probably shouldn't, but if its a smaller project and simple stuff I bet they would. I know all my truss calcs are submitted that way. I like having lunch with my engineer, so I've never tried printing his signature from a PDF. If I do, I'll report back.