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  1. Rene is too busy for me LOL, the student becomes the teacher....I'm still waiting for those templates Rene Happy New Year!
  2. I really need someone local and able to measure buildings in the San Francisco North and East Bay areas.
  3. Im a contractor, I design and build room additions, I need someone to measure and draw as builts every now and then...
  4. Thanks for the direction Joe - I hadn't noticed the new from template tool, just what I described. I'm not sure why I couldn't develop a template with all the same information I'd use an SAM base plan? Kbird, the new(ish) button may just motivate me to build some templates, I've been threatening to adopt SAM for years...and years... You make an excellent point re: building fresh templates, which I'd be doping, but boy, it would be annoying to have 50 or 100 hours into templates and them all go wonky after an update. Remember back around v5 or v6? The symbols completely changed and old plans were unopenable in the updated version.
  5. And it seems to me if SAM is gaining\has gained ascendancy, we should be able to save multiple profiles, then when starting a ne plan you could manually select the profile, save a step and avoid accidentally failing to save as before editing...
  6. That looks pretty nice, seems like a great starting point. Thanks.
  7. I've been meaning to call anyway....lets catch up.
  8. I go back and forth with stuff in plan, stuff in detail on plan, stuff in detail in layout. Ive never really settled on one being much better than another. I mostly do small plans, so dont really have hardware issues too often. Seems to me back in x11 or 12 they started to allow me to drag chief across multiple monitors, I do from time to time split my monitor, but I'd really rather drag windows onto a neighboring screen, just cuz thats my workflow in windows, a 37in monitor in the middle with a 32in panel on either side
  9. I like the idea of a narrative, describing the changes and including an index or revisions and the sheets they are on. "R1 addresses city comments dated mm/dd/yy. Then a list of locations where the Delta symbol was inserted and an explanation of the revision .
  10. What's the benefit of the schedule being in a detail rather than plan?
  11. Yeah, I already updated, thanks. I'm on so rarely, and TBH, its never been an issue before, but I can see as the person originating a thread the version would be relevant. In the light of this new knowledge - any thoughts?
  12. Ahh, I should take the version out of my signature, or try to remember to edit my signature. I've got x13.
  13. I havent thought this through, at all, but.... I think I might like the ide of a revision schedule. I could create a note type that would have its symbol driven by that schedule. I'll look into custom schedules as a starting point - can I create and save multiple custom schedules in my pfrofie plans? Will this be a better tool than the layout revision tool? Any thoughts, directions, comments or experience would be welcome.....
  14. Layout is sort of a CA term for sheet. AutoCAD used to call it model space and paper space. Tha additiob of paper space or a layout view is a huge step forward in the production of documents so i certainly dont want to go backwards. Do you distribute layout files to anyone? It seems to be the layout file is an intermediate step on the way to a PDF. I do sometimes distribute a paper plan butin general I both use and distribute a PDF. Its very easy these days to open a PDF and make a few notes or hyperlink a photograph. It would be sort of nice if, after a field visit where I had annotated the PDF of a version of the plan, those notes were there in CA. I could carry a laptop. Ive tried a 17in touch, too bulky and i have a little surface pro much better sucks battery life, is slow to boot, i dont lile the stylus and windows ink nearly as much as my samsung note and galaxy tab which can share s pens and do a coupke of nice tricks. Like create a note without booting up the tablet or phone.
  15. This is great information. It's not totally automatic, but since I have to manually insert a layout revision, and cloud and label revisions manually, this is easily up to par with the rest of the tool kit AND offers a solution for smart detail labels. I've often thought (aimlessly and with no actions or effort) that it might be interesting to have a detail index - maybe broken out by trade and listing the details, the sheet the detail is located on and every sheet that refers to it. Ideally, in a PDF the user could click a detail and it would bring up a menu box listing the pages\plans\views that the detail was called out on. And then a hyperlink to the CA 3d viewer. I'd pay a little bit of money if CA would develop an integrated PDF creator\editor - I'd rather just skip layout TBH, I don't like to do any drafting work in layout view and if we skipped the layout and went straight to PDF, when an outside consultant (last week it was my structural engineer) adds a comment to a PDF I'd be able to link him to something akin top the 3d viewer, but a CA Live PDF. FWIW, I would use it myself. There are lots of times I just want to add notes based on a field visit and it would be great to have a single PDF that reflected bot the the archival work done in a CA model but synced with a distributed document in use by the field. This is actually kind of what Plan Grid offers (very kind of), but its not synced to CA so no use to me.