Window labels disappear (X12)

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Something is kinky with a plan.  Window labels are on for the auto-generated exterior elevation views.  One window in a group of three, nothing is mulled, the rightmost, displays its label in zooms closer than where the elevation camera needs to be, but the label goes off when zooming out.  The layout is done using plot lines.


Open the elevation view in the plan file, and no labels on these.  Zoom in and they appear.  In both cases it is the rightmost window.


This is the case for one window on the front elevation, and one on the rear.  Plan views show the labels correctly, and the window schedule gives the correct counts.


I have attached a closeup of the layout images, for both cases.

2021-06-11 14_13_52-Chief Architect Premier X12.png

2021-06-11 14_14_15-Chief Architect Premier X12.png

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Reset the window label to default or same as others.  You will get this behavior sometimes if you change where the label shows in 2d by manually moving the label.

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Pretty sure that is the issue to some degree or another because you can see you moved them as the other two do not align. Make sure you hit the default wrench to reset them.


but if that doesn’t fix it upload the plan.

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