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  1. M3taMorpHous3

    How to produce a hi-res image of a floor plan?

    Yes I've tried both options (transparent & white) but the end result is still a thumbnail image.
  2. Hi all , Is there a way to pump out / export / print a floor plan in high res? I've been using the "export picture" function which produces low-res (50kb) thumbnail images but the quality is too low for the intended use (brochure). The end-result needs to be a png (or similar) image file, preferably not a pdf. Any tips would be appreciated.
  3. M3taMorpHous3

    Stairs With Glass Ballastrade

    This would be a great fix for the Chief chiefs to sort out...
  4. Hi all, I'd like to know if a higher-quality graphics card would improve the quality of images I send to the layout file? I'm primarily referring to "standard" & "vector" images rather than ray traces since the latter take so long to generate. Basically I'm looking at ways to improve the quality of my presentation drawings so any tips would be appreciated. Cheers, Nathan
  5. M3taMorpHous3

    Converting a roof plane into a polyline?

    Thanks guys, I'll give it a go... Appreciate your input
  6. Hi guys, Is there a simple way to convert a roof plane back into a polyline? (ie. to remove it's "roof" properties & just use it as a shape?) This would come in handy on a site plan for instance, when I want to show the overall outline of the roof with some "fill" properties. Cheers, Nathan
  7. M3taMorpHous3


    I've heard good things about Thea Render... do any of these programs work "with" Chief Architect (as a plugin)?
  8. M3taMorpHous3


    Hi all, I'm curious to know if any Chief users are also working with rendering programs? (to make their 3d images photorealistic) Any recommendations would be appreciated. Cheers, Nathan
  9. M3taMorpHous3

    Multiple window/door labels showing on plan & elevations

    Hi guys, Firstly thanks for all the responses, this issue has really been doing my head in... I just changed the schedule to text & this has removed the extra window & door labels (thanks Alaskan_Son). I think I can work around the issue now. Cheers all
  10. M3taMorpHous3

    Multiple window/door labels showing on plan & elevations

    That's what I've been thinking... there's another schedule somewhere... I might have inadvertently changed the layer for the original schedule while preparing the working drawings. Have tried switching-on all layers but it's still not appearing.
  11. M3taMorpHous3

    Multiple window/door labels showing on plan & elevations

    Deleting the window schedule removed 1 set of extra numbers/labels but not the rest. I'm wondering if there's a couple of "hidden" schedules on my plan...? I'm not sure why the problem occurred but at one point I had up to 3 different numbers/labels showing for some windows & doors (but not all).
  12. Hi guys, Can anyone explain why I have 2 separate numbers/lables showing for each window & door on my plan view & elevations? I've tried renumbering the schedule, deleting & recreating the schedules, etc, but no luck... Cheers, Nathan