2nd story with different wall heights...

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Attached is a picture of what I am trying to do.  The front of the house will have a 4' knee wall on the 2nd story but there will not be a knee wall on the rear wall.  How would I do this? Thank you.


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So a portion of that second story would have no ceiling but effectively be at about 4’ tall???  So a room that has no flat ceiling and a 48” wall height…. 

just gotta figure out where the wall would be where it would be a 48” plate height on both sides.  Should be able to autoroof it.

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Create a second floor and build a 48" high room at the front of the house.

It doesn't matter how deep the room is.

Designate the walls as indicated.

Auto build roofs.

This works because roofs don't build off Knee Walls.

Knee Walls build up to the roof, whose geometry is determined by other criteria.



Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 6.35.35 pm.jpg


Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 7.38.01 pm.jpg

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Several ways I've found to do it. On this home I'm finishing today the entire upper floor has a 5' wall height, the interior sloping to the typical 8' ceiling. I have an exception though, and that's the bedroom on the back of the home. I didn't want any slope in that room. I drew a new roof plane over just that corner, move in the Z plane 3' to make it 8' on the exterior, and joined the two roof planes together.


If you are moving the whole roof plane on the back of the home as it appears you are, I'd use Javatom's recommendation and just Z that whole plane the 4 feet and rejoin the planes.


If you are wanting to keep rebuilding that roof plane without having to repeat that manual roof process I'd do as GlennW says and create a room on the second floor and use autoroof.

20-278 Reynolds - Exterior View 7.jpg

20-278 Reynolds - Exterior View 8.jpg

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I recently completed something similar but used ceiling heights on the main floor, since there is no second floor in the house and I wanted interior camera views to be accurate


So in some cases that "how do I" depends on more than just the exterior appearance, unless that's all you're after


Many ways to skin that cat


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