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On my plan set I do not want to show the foundation that is below the grade line.  On the chief site they have an example of an elevation done, similar to what we want.  Am I being stupid and there is a layer that we can shut off?  Suggestions?



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In x6 you can just set the foundation/ footing/ foundation walls to a dotted line now. You can also use an earth filled p-line to cover up the foundation lines if you don't want to se them at all, or I guess you can just turn them off.

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I make a rectangle p-line and use a solid white fill. I then "cover" the area I don't want to see. Sometimes, depending on the situation I make the lines of the rectangle p-line white also. I usually do this before I send it to layout, but sometimes I do it in layout. It just depends on what works best under what condition. I like doing it this way rather than changing the foundation wall to a dashed line. The problem here is that all the foundation lines are changed to dash ----- above and below ground.

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Whatever layer set you use for your elevations, just change the line style to dotted for foundation walls and footings in that view. You can also set the line style on the layout view by using the edit lines and changing them there, but if you have to refresh the view you lose all the edits so its best to change it in the layer set you use to send it to the layout.

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Another variation on Larry's method using a solid white fill (which blocks out everything), is to use a white horizontal transparent hatch with thick lines which will give you a dotted line effect for the foundation work below the terrain. The white fill and polyline don't print.

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