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  1. I use plain text unless I need to "mix it up" in the same text dbx. However, once you use rich text, you "own' it forevermore. w/ plain text, you can make global style changes using text styles & layers.
  2. A layer that displays on all floors or being able to designate ANY object to display on all floors would reduce the complexity that extensive use of reference layer sets becomes.
  3. thanks Joe. when I do that, all the handles disappear on the polyline. WTH?
  4. Is there any way to have all corners of a rectangular polyline to fillet all at once?
  5. I show the full framing member & get all the snaps I want. Don't know what else I can tell you.
  6. There are numerous ways to snap to a framing member. Vanilla answer to a very broad question.
  7. I use an auto shed dormer to start w/ (not a "floating dormer). That puts walls to the floor & creates rooms. When I have the auto shed dormer as close as I can get it, explode & edit from there.
  8. Your auto dimension defaults are set to locate surfaces instead of main layer.
  9. Joe, I had to make 4 different sq gutter molding profiles, one for each slope, & individually assign horizontal & vertical offsets for each one. I ended up just doing it manually w/ molding plines assigned to the fascia elev & then offsetting for each slope. Fun, fun fun. Better way?
  10. I gotcha now Perry. Thank you very much everybody. I had to get it out the door so it was a lot of edit layout work. But I am playing w/ all your suggestions now, Some of the issues: there is no "normal" fascia, shadowboard, or soffit anywhere; just the rake exposed rafter tails no full rafter to the defined overhang over the gable end walls a frieze tucked up under the roof sheeting sq cut tails 4x4 gutters that followed that rafter tail cut (can anybody get that auto?) 4 different roof slopes to deal w/ rafters were 2'oc from each rake edge w/ 2' standing seam roof pattern aligned w/ rafter tails 12"oc B&B wall siding also aligned under tails. On the elevations, there's only a couple inches of the tail seen below the gutter. Sounds like fun, eh? Hi RayC. Thanks for taking a look. Been a while since .........
  11. Thanks a lot guys. Whatever works for now........ Perry, I'm not following. This is a copper standing seam roof w/ a raised metal ridge cap. Is it too tall you say? I appreciate the help.
  12. Thanks for looking at it Joe. All my roof settings are in the images I attached. Options & Framing anyhow.
  13. Thanks Scott. I've tried everything I can think off Scott. I've changed those settings numerous x's. Can you do it? For right now I'm just deleting the gable fascia surface before updating the elevations. There is not both a gable fascia & a gable sub fascia. & why is the gable fascia flat across like that?
  14. I can't get the rake fascia to sq up no matter what settings I use in the roof spec dbx. This line shows up in layout & has to be cleaned up every time updated. Can anybody help me out please?