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  1. I've just installed x7 on a Surface 3(new non pro version). It's running better than I expected it would. My view is for primarily gathering as built. A small ultrabook works too but I'm always looking for sleeker quicker more refined advantage. I had a pro version when they first came out and it was just too big to legitimately use as a tablet holding it for extended periods while walking a site so I returned it since it had no advantage over having my dell xps 13 on the site. this new surface 3 looks like it might fit the bill for the elusive 1 trip accurate as built.
  2. Well that's not really a resolution. I've used CA on several macs and only one did I have this enlarge PDF phenomenon and I really tried to come up with an answer and to no avail. for whatever it's worth is was a refurbished purchased through the apple website(I ended up returning it). considering that the same file behaved similar on several other machines I believe the problem was with the mac and not CA. I've had plenty of other annoyances working on macs when it comes to PDF files too like ridiculously large file exports to name one big one. I'm writing this post on a brand new 13" macbook right now. I like macs but they're are too unreliable and unsupported for serious CAD work in my opinion.
  3. Did any resolution come of this? I had this same problem and ultimately had to go back to PC for my CA needs. neither CA or Apple could figure it out in the end.
  4. Bootcamp will not run third party drivers. you'll be relegated to the windows/intel drivers which can be a disadvantage over running a windows primary machine particularly with battery life. I tried to make the switch and had to go back. I have a macbook too and use for fun and to change up my experiences in computing but I'd be losing it if I had to make serious construction documents and permit submittals bootcamping or even worse running VM in a mac only. I seriously wouldn't recommend it. If you want to make a switch you need to maintain a PC machine and ease into the change unless your plans are basic and you don't make your primary living running design work and meeting deadlines. Just my opinion.
  5. another biggie is that CA on mac can't import .skp files. If you use sketchup alot for custom symbols it's kinda a hassle.
  6. I had purchased a macbook pro 15" 2.3 ghz w/ the gt 750 gpu and found its performance lackluster. It also had alot of trouble with PDF's. I ended up returning it. Funny thing is the 11" macbook air I bought for my wife ran CA surprisingly well. Not as good as the 15" but considering the difference in specs I was quite surprised at how marginal the performance was over the lil' bitty air w/ hd graphics and 4gb ram. My windows experience with CA has been quite predictable when moving from one spec to another but mac seems to have no rhyme or reason. Some guys are reporting satisfactory results while others lackluster results that are not comensurate with specs. I did just pick up the new 13" macbook pro with the force touch trackpad and broadwell chip so we'll see how that goes. Of course I'll install CA on it and play around with it but I didn't neccasarily buy it for CA but rather because I'm a computer head and wanted a new toy. My windows desktop is where the real work happens particularly when i need to render after finalizing my models.
  7. Is there any way to change a symbols category after it's been created. I have some "fixture interior" symbols that would make more sense to be "furniture interior" category. I can't find any way to edit their category other than when you create it. is it the case that I actually have to delete it and "re-symbolize" it again with the other category? Thanks,
  8. 1. I want to use the bullet numbers in paragraph options in the rich text dialog box but i want to have a space between each numbered line. seems to work til i click ok then i get a whole list of number 1's. I want to be able to have columns where my notes end on a given number in column 1 then pick up on the next number at the top of the next column but no go? This doesn't have to be automatic of course. I just want to be able to specify what number i want it start from. 2. I want to be able to have the edit layout page information title to be able to be multi-line. i have to get creative to try to name some of my sheets that will fit on a single line. 3. I want a centerline symbol added to the special characters macros. 4. I want to be able to display callouts on all floors like cameras do. 5. I want to link callouts to a layout box so if the page numbers change the callout will update like cameras displayed as callout do. I really like the software OK. not trash talking here but like most of us as I use it further and further into it's capabilities I'm like "hey, why can't i do this" Community, please let me know if i'm crazy and just not seeing something. Thanks!!
  9. i had the same problem. This website helped me a lot
  10. I have experienced inconsistencies in how chief handles imported pdf's in layout. When imported into layout on my wife's air they show fine. When I import pdf's into layout on pro the layout box is the proper size but the pdf only displays the upper left quadrant of the page in the full layout box area.
  11. Works right on my wifes Macbook Air. Called apple customer support and that was no help. have tried reinstalling chief but still shows the same. I guess next i need to reinstall OSX. I don't get it. It can't be a hardware issue. it must be a software issue.
  12. Just doesn't work for me. I've tried to resize it manually and then reset it. uncheck aspect ratio, reset cropping and all combinations in between. This is just nuts. Why does it work perfectly fine on every other computer but this Macbook. Haven't heard anything yet from chief. I wonder if they are unable to reproduce the problem.
  13. That same page looks like this in my machine and I've spent a couple hours now trying to figure out what is going on.
  14. Probably slow because there's a ton of pdf's. My experience is that bogs it down loading the referenced files. You're thumbnail shows it right though. My machine is reading something funny. Thanks for checking it out Glenn. dshall, are you running mavericks on your machine?
  15. Glenn, all of the pdf's may not be saved with plan. Are you seeing some of them and they are showing normally? As in typical 8.5 x 11 page? If so then clearly it's something to do with the way my machine is handling them I'm thinking. Clearly, because it worked perfectly on my desktop back home(Windows) but haywire on this new MacBook.