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Good Morning and Happy Easter.   I typically create my own Story Pole dims by just pulling lines off my model at points I choose.  I stopped using the Auto SPD's (Story Pole Dimensions) cause I think when trying to choose different objects in more than one elevation, it would change them all.   Has that changed.  I. E. If I have two elevations, one is an Exterior Front Elev. and I set the story pole dims to accommodate the object of that elevation,  Then when I want to change the defaults to pick other objects on for instance a rear elevation... will it screw up the first SPD's layed down for the front Elev..? Thanks for any insight.


Stay Safe,


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Why on earth are you driving and posting to chief talk?

If you are driving a Tesla then I can see how it would be possible with autopilot. Are you in a self-driving vehicle?

Have a safe and happy Easter!

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