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I think most of us make our own details since they are all a bit unique.  This frees CA up to do more important things.


BTW,  I am not sure if I ever thanked CA for all the ref set capabilities,  if not,  I am thanking them now.

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12 hours ago, ChiefUserBigRob said:

chief doesn't have this in the cad details library???? it's one of the most common foundations in the south.




Rob, I'm in Houston, TX and don't know if our details match what you all do there. I have to show a typical exterior wall section (edited for specific situation) along with the foundation detail that specifies steel (rebar) and everything. I also have another detail I use for rebar at corner connections. I can send you a library of these 3 details (cad items) in a Chief library if you like. You could edit them as needed. Email me if interested or call me at 832-754-6160.

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These continuous insulation details probably will not work with hardie or Certainteed or LP SmartSide


or Smart LP if you go over 1" requires 2x4s installed as a "strapping" 


"1-1/2 inches (38 mm) thick by 3-1/2 inches (89 mm) wide vertical strap or furring strip must be installed over the sheathing to provide a solid level nailing base for the siding"


Only with Vinyl ( it could and will look buckled because of a foam compression)



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