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 Hello  Using Chief 10.....Having a recurring print problem in layout.. I know its been in here before ,

and is an old problem for many of you,...but when  we get stuck on something we re still stuck till its fixed...

I m not able to resolve it..

When sending a view to layout it works fine.... but as each successive page goes the view stays the same on all pages ..instead of changing on page

numbers as before in earlier versions 

I have  sent them as "current screen as image" but all the notes are  unreadable.. blurred out when  its printed  (but looks ok in pdf) ..

Also saw notes in here to try .png... I have no experience with that..

Also the question is straightforward.. no reason to Post a plan  I M O for this..

Many thanks in advance..


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Why are you sending views as image?

What do you have on those views? Floor plans? Elevations? Are you creating construction documents?

Are they simply 3D views for decorating purposes?

If you’re talking about the blurriness before you actually print or print to PDF this is built in to reduce lag, that’s normal. 

Can you at least post a pic of the problem? 

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screenshot.dwg...this is  a close in of lettering from sending as image .. on the prints its barely discernible.. 

As I mentioned above when i send  a page to layout  each new number page continues so there are 4 pages of the same thing  for example..

Sending views as image was an attempt to resolve the issue so i would have consecutive numbered pages as opposed 5 pages of the same thing.

This was suggested on this forum by another who had a similar problem

I have actually not had this problem in over 10 years of using Chief started for me in v 10.

These are construction drawings  for a large R V garage I m doing..

I did see several of your posts about not  sending to layout.....very interesting and i am researching it .

Thanks much 



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So this is page 6 of your layout and you have 5 others that look all the same ?  What is on page 0 ?  Not sure I understand the issue.  You may have to post the backup file.


Are you possibly using Plan Views ?


Layout Page 6.JPG

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6 hours ago, sunsetguy2 said:

Also the question is straightforward.. no reason to Post a plan  I M O for this..


It would appear that the question is not so straight forward.

You would be advised to post the .plan and .layout for a good answer.

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Good Morning..I  certainly need to try again explain ..I do appreciate the comments... thanks ...

first...this is in x10.......That screenshot I sent sure did not work well ....

I ll try to articulate better here....

So  from plan view I ll send my floor pan to layout page 2  sending from working layer set ..

then to page 3 i ll send my 2nd level floor plan ..

to page 4 I ll send foundation plan..,,

What happens is that each new plan replaces the one before it ....I e..

on page will now show  both page 1 and 2 as 2nd level plan...

when i send page 3.. foundation.. page 1,2 3 all show foundation pan ..

Each new page replaces  all the previous ones... instead of each page  showing  each view as it should.

In  the end i would have 6  similar pages of the last view sent to layout ..erasing all the prior ones..

To counter this I sent as explained above.. that worked.. meaning each page showed correctly but print was terrible .

could not read lettering ..

This  has been recurring in X10  since I moved from X9..I have not yet moved to x 11.. trying to get this one to print first ....

once again thanks for Input....and patience..much appreciated

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Thanks much for posting this ..I am sure this is the solution..

I will swallow my pride here and  say that after  several hours of study and looking I still cannot find this 

saved view plan control.. IF one of you would be so kind as so point out the path to that .. many thanks.!

I have graded up to X 11 FYI.

thanks again !

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Right click on a blank area of you tool bar and select "Customize Toolbars..."  Search for "Saved Plan View Control " and drag into a blank position on your tool bar.  Set it to "None" 279660403_SavedPlanViewControl-None.JPG.6f6174d1fc7c5511809b02f926a6df3f.JPG and then put it away unless you want to learn all about it an use the new feature.

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