Help required on Polyline solid cylinder tool


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5 hours ago, Aamir77 said:

Tried to convert to simple Molding Polyline in a new plan but failed to achieve the exact cylindrical shape!20190426_115048.thumb.jpg.7ea245bf28ae2f35b269d7d97c0b2827.jpg

sample attached some variation. the bottom one on right was converted to a symbol, top right is that symbol resized


Pipe asst.png

pipe 3d.png

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43 minutes ago, TheKitchenAbode said:

Looks to me like a job for a 3D molding polyline.

Yes, that's what I used, thought the OP had trouble with it so provided sample.

Should have mentioned- in elevation draw lines for "L", fillet corner, convert to 3D molding line-go on from there. I find 3D molding lines to at times be quirky so when I can I draw in elevation as lines first-one extra step.

Convert to symbol since that is easier to reuse and alter lengths IMO.

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2 minutes ago, MarkMc said:

I find 3D molding lines to at times be quirky so when I can I draw in elevation as lines first-one extra step.


Yes, I have found that when initially drawing the 3D molding poly line it is critical to decide the best view to start with, plan or a specific elevation. What seems to work best is to draw the first line in the same view as most of the other lines are going to be drawn/manipulated in. What I have also found interesting is that when trying to insert say a break to change direction is that it is usually best to use the same view type as that which was used when drawing the first line, you can then flip back to another view type to then manipulate it if need be.

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