Custom Material Generation with Substance Player


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Hey guys...


jcaffee - I've added the request to our feature list, if it gets picked up, this will be the first place I come to.


dskogg - That tile is kinda ornate...rad...but ornate.  I'm getting back into tile here this week and while I'm a ways off, if I can squeeze in some cooler stuff, I'll do my best.  Currently the tile builder can't make this layout/type, but I added it to my list.  Having said that, once this batch of tile gets made I'll add it to the builder and do a refresh with some new bells and whistles.  

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Dustin, this is kind of ornate but there are a few tiles that have a design inside them..triangle, hex example that would be great to have.


I also think that if there is a way to adjust grout thickness that would be great, i think its too thin right now, if I had a 3x12 subway tile the grout line would typically be about 1/8" thick and it looks like the substance player is thinner than that?


Is there a way to get more texture in a are some subway tiles i have personally used, lots of bumps that reflect light quite nice, not sure if chief can replicate this kind of texture.


Also subway tile comes in a variety of ratio's, like 4 to 1 etc but you substance player only goes to 3 to 1, 


etheral flicker.JPG




ethereal gleam calacatta.JPG

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I have played around with substance player to make a few tile textures.  I quite often use watercolour renderings to present my designs with lines.

Here are some of the ones i have used, I prefer to have single lines for the texture over tile but in herringbone i cant use the ca as it is only 2-1 size, the hex i cant get to line up with the material?  But the hex tile seems to have a really thick grout line and in pbr rendering it has really rough grout lines, 


Dustin is there an issue with the hex tile in substance player?

Herringbone marble 3x12 splash.jpg

White gloss herringbone light grey grout 3x12 splash.jpg

White Subway 4x12 brick black grout splash.jpg

White gloss hex light grey grout.jpg

White gloss hex light grey grout pb.jpg

hex substance specifications.JPG

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Hey David, I'll have the new tile builder version up hopefully in a week or two and yes there will be a grout sizer added, as well as some hand glazed finishes that let the light bounce off the surface a bit.  Lots of new stuff.


Hex is a problem child, anything with non 45° angles gets that weird sawtooth effect from the pixel layout, I'm aware and I'll take another pass at it i I have time.  I think the original intent was 1" hex, if I can't fix it I'll put a large format hex on the list for next time that will have more pixels to clear up that edge.


For water color/pattern line overlays, you might be doing this already but you can generate your own pattern in the pattern tab.  I recommend using a roughness map or normal map for the cleanest results but you just have to copy the maps location into the texture slot, generate your pattern, and replace your texture location and your pattern lines should be right on.


Keep the suggestions/requests/bugs coming guys.






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On 11/20/2019 at 1:51 PM, CADustin said:

Hey gang, the new tile update is live on the original post with a change list at the top of the page.

Let me know if you run into any snags.



Hey Dustin, substance tile viewer coming along, i like that i can adjust grout size on large tile, it only allows export as a bitmap now?


I was trying to get a white large marble tile with grey veining..the colour lightness is so sensitive that it goes from a grey to a white with very little are two pics of the results.


marble large p1.JPG

marble large p2.JPG

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On 11/22/2019 at 9:03 AM, dskogg said:

Hey Dustin, substance tile viewer coming along, i like that i can adjust grout size on large tile, it only allows export as a bitmap now?


Hitting "Export to bitmap" should take you to the export screen that has a format select drop down in the upper right hand of the prompt.  From there you can pick whatever format you prefer.  It defaults to TGA but I recommend PNG.


Your Marble question is a bit more tricky though, I didn't set any color controls for individual elements of a material, it blends the whole image.  The marble default is white veins with grey background so if you want grey veins with white background, that's gonna be some extra work since we're getting into some nitty-gritty manipulations.


I'll put an inverted marble material on the list for next time so you have an option of dark veins on light background, but until then, if you have access to photoshop or something else to edit images, your best bet would be to invert the image and then lighten it up, your veins will then be a darker tone than the rest of the image and you should have an easier time adjusting to get the grey on white that you're after.


When we add more material types that have a good color variation like marble, I'll add an "invert" button to each tile color section to help you guys out with these kinds of issues.


Good questions man, keep em coming.  This is how I know what to add next.



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Hi Dustin, callacatta and Carrara marbles are very popular types today and both have white backgrounds with grey veining.. you will see these used for counters and tiles more than a dark grey marble with white veins.



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On 11/23/2019 at 3:17 PM, robdyck said:

@dskogg Something like this? With more editing it could be greatly improved. The tricky part would be enhancing the metal dividers.



thats very cool..yes the metal would be hard..also you kind of want to see the grout lines a bit so you can tell its tile.


great job...

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If you want the metallic dividers, you can make a metal map, just make it white where you want metal and black where you don't and load it in the metal map slot on the properties tab.  Then you can just change the color on the texture source image to get whatever color/type of metal you want.

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I have recently downloaded substance player, I am having a problem while exporting.

Here is a capture of the error message.

I have not been able to find a solution.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling substance player, thinking that might help.

I have also tried multiple resolutions, 512, 1024, etc.

Please help



Laptop spec.JPG

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These are absolutely awesome! Not having to fiddle with making my own "builders" or even creating some of my own textures from scratch with these commonly used materials, and being able to use something already developed and just modify settings to get different options is really great!! Nice work Dustin! Please keep it going because these save a tremendous amount of time when wanting to create something custom for a project.

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Ok MauiDave, I ran some tests but couldn't reproduce your error so I'll need a little bit more info...


Here's my export settings that I use, it's most all defaults.



I would recommend trying to export something from the wood builder beta and see if that can get your files exported, if not...


Double check that your file path location isn't locked down in anyway, try exporting to the desktop.

Try hitting F9 to try a different engine, I don't know what kind of machine you're running but I've got Direct3D 10 and SSE2 as options on mine and both work, I use Direct3D 10. 

Let me know if you are on a mac, I'm on windows which might be why I can't reproduce it.

Try exporting one output at a time and see if you are hanging up on just one or all maps.


Get back to me and let me know if any of these work.




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This is awesome and I can’t wait to use it more. Are there currently any tools available to help with interior shiplap? The current options available in Chief don’t look anything like the shiplap that is currently popular unless I’m missing one.

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13 hours ago, CADustin said:

Should still be free.  You're looking for Substance Player.


If you are looking at Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Substance Alchemist, etc, you are on the wrong page.


Let me know if it doesn't work for you.



Thxxxxxxx. I was on that wrong page.   Is that the same company?   I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.  I’ll check it and play around with it.  Sounds super interring to be able to make your own custom stuff.   

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