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  1. Dang...I almost bought a blue Disto D2....glad I read this. I am pretty happy with site measuring with my Bosch, taking photos, then working it out at the office for now. Sounds like one would have to shut off the licence on main computer to use tablet on site, then switch again if using the premier licence?...seems a pain. Perhaps the bugs will get worked out for more efficient site measures.
  2. Hoff_Design

    Modern on the Bench

    We will be moving a house from the location where this will reside...My clients want a modern house. It is a relatively small lot which constrains us to use all available footprint of the lot within regulations.
  3. Hoff_Design

    My Ideal Shop Design

    So, like all builders...I want a great shop. I drew what I will build for myself when I grow up. Now I have to decide when I want to "grow up." Right? In the meantime enjoy the graphics of my future playhouse...
  4. Visit https://www.erhoff.com/projects/ to see some of our design projects.

  5. Hoff Design Build is a Full Service 3D Design, Kitchen and Bath and General Remodeling Company.  Our construction company currently serves Boise, Idaho.

  6. We designed this space to be more modern and spacious. We will have to remove walls, and a walk in pantry that connects to the island, and we will add to the height of the existing cabinetry at the wall, also we will straighten up the corner, which was an angled wall, where the fridge is located in the design.
  7. I love helping people to see their dreams...before we build them.

  8. I enjoy working in Chief Architect.