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  1. Ladies & Gentlemen, there doesn't appear to be any decent hoses in the Kohler catalog unless you count either the one that comes with the slide bar or the one that's made to connect way up high. I'm doing a kind-of foot (or dog) washing station, and I want to either create or otherwise acquire a hose. I've tried with doing a molding polyline in elevation view, but the problem is that it has to curve both left/right and front/back. See attached. Love to hear some insight!
  2. Does anyone have any insight on either how to make or where to get the symbol for Panoramic Doors? They're like Nana Walls, only they open differently, with one hinged panel on the end and the rest of the panels pivoting and stacking against the hinged panel.
  3. OMG, this is the answer to my prayers! It's like Christmas. THANKS!
  4. Wow. Every time you help me it's like I should have know that! Couldn't see the forest for the trees! Thanks Eric! It was mostly the fact that decks want to have deck boards, and I was tired of drawing a new floor and whatnot. I'll try this.
  5. It's basically a "pier" foundation. Just like a deck. Sometimes I'm even asked to build an addition on an existing deck foundation. The way I'm doing it now is to name the room a "deck", then copy the framing/footings to a new file, go back and change the room type to "dining", for example, then copy the deck foundation back over to original plan. I can upload an example if that helps. Thanks (as usual) Eric!
  6. Gang, I apologize in advance if this was already addressed here, but I couldn't find it. Often, I am asked to build an addition on a deck-style foundation. Is there a simple way to do this that doesn't take forever? I can manipulate the software to eventually do what I want, but there has to be an easier way!
  7. Ha! Glad you asked that. I just figured it out! In case anyone has the same problem, I noticed when I created a small plan to upload, I didn't have the same problem, and figured out that I had to check the box for "fit frame to wall". Thanks anyway, Solver!
  8. Hey gang. I know there has been a little talk here about window sills, but I can't seem to find the specific problem I'm having. I can't seem to find a way to make my sill just a hair higher than what appears to be the framing. The result is the two materials (in this case, white and fir framing) crossing over each other. This looks ridiculous, and I'm supposed to be dazzling customers. Any thoughts? I've attached a pic to show you what I mean... Thanks!
  9. The ramp idea works very well. It's just very time-consuming.
  10. Thanks, Johhny. I was going the route of convert to symbol, but using the ramp to get the right angle is pretty awesome. Still a P.I. the A. but faster now
  11. Hey there, community. I've been hacking my way through this situation for over 10 years, and have some ideas, but thought I'd see what you all think. How do you set a railing on top of a wall? Rather than over-explaining, just look at the pic. That's exactly what I want to do. I know there are probably 5 ways to pull it off, but it's just so time consuming. Thanks!
  12. Well, the community is benefiting from your demise. Best of health to you, sir. I hope to pay back the community with my experience as well... minus the broken foot
  13. Haha! Our messages just crossed each other. Thanks again!