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  1. Anders is a top-notch symbol creator, all very high quality at a reasonable cost. He's been making symbols to use in Chief for many years. I own several bundles and he has even created some custom symbols for me over the years. Anyone looking for additional sets of symbols beyond what Chief offers you can't go wrong with his creations.
  2. You can get it from here
  3. Thank you for the suggestions, but I'm sorry to say these do not work. Of course, not mulling them is an easy solution, but not the right solution. There is a reason I want them mulled. Not mulling them has its own problems. It's technically a door and being treated as such so the casing should not be wrapping around the bottom of the doorway. The window attributes seem to be overriding the door settings. I guess I'll be "patching" the sill area with a P-Line Solid or maybe trying the floor material region to fill in the floor. Thank you again for the suggestions.
  4. I have a mulled doorway and window (Transom) in my plan and it keeps cutting the floor finish at the sill area of the opening. In the DBX it is set as "Treat as Door" and I have tried every setting I can think of to fix this with no luck. In the DBX preview, it actually shows the casing wrapping the bottom of the opening. See attached screenshots. I searched the forum and couldn't find a topic on this issue. Any help is appreciated.
  5. These are absolutely awesome! Not having to fiddle with making my own "builders" or even creating some of my own textures from scratch with these commonly used materials, and being able to use something already developed and just modify settings to get different options is really great!! Nice work Dustin! Please keep it going because these save a tremendous amount of time when wanting to create something custom for a project.
  6. I am in need of someone who can create an as-built drawing for me in the Chicago area. A past client has relocated to Chicago and has contracted with me to do the design but we need an as-built drawing. I prefer not to fly there if someone in that area is willing to do this, for a fee of course. Thank you,
  7. Hi George, I emailed you as well. I've done work for the local Habitat and would be interested in assisting you.