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  1. Thxxxxxxx. I was on that wrong page. Is that the same company? I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. I’ll check it and play around with it. Sounds super interring to be able to make your own custom stuff.
  2. i think adobe bought substance designer. its a monthly fee it seems. can it really make board and batten and shiplap?
  3. has this been bought by adobe now? not free anymore? i see a 30 day trial and then starts at $19.99/mo, unless i'm going to the wrong website?
  4. just wanted to let users know that this is no longer true. unless my x10 core library is somehow corrupted, the symbol folder no longer exists. just called CA support and she couldnt find it either.
  5. hi, does anyone know why in x10 CA removed the cabinet outlets in the library? they dont have the horizontal duplex either. i was able to do install it manually and create a symbol but the symbol doesnt seem to automatically place it correctly. and it wont allow me to copy and paste. just copies it to adjacent walls instead of island.. i love c.a. but have never seen a company remove features before and go with less features... just cant figure out why they would remove cabinet outlets and the horiz duplex and make us do all that work when they already had it done.