How do I draw and insert a Knee Brace on a Pergola?


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One common method is to shoot an elevation view of the pergola, draw the knee brace profile using the CAD tools (make sure it is a closed polyline), then convert the closed polyline into a polyline solid. This solid can be copied, moved, rotated, etc. to place wherever needed.

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12 minutes ago, RBareSTLDaB said:

how do I get it Plan View

A polyline solid will appear in plan view as long as the layer to which it is assigned is turned on in the plan view layerset.


13 minutes ago, RBareSTLDaB said:

how can I get an elevation in plan view also?

You need to clarify: are you referring to opening a elevation camera view, or to determining the relative/absolute elevation (z-coordinate) of an object or element?

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Take a moment to fill out your signature so it includes the Chief Architect software you are using, and a little about your system.


Up on top right, click on your name, then > Settings > Signature, then type it all in.  


Those seen here are polyline solids, created in elevation view, then placed in plan view after doing some mirrored copies.




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2 hours ago, RBareSTLDaB said:

When I draw in floor plan view and I want to see a elevation that shows measurements how do I get to that. Not a camera view..


Elevations are a "camera view" in C.A.P , they are under the Menu/Icon left of the 3D Camera Views Icon


Dimensions aren't Automatically in the View but there is an Auto Elevation Dimension Icon and a Auto-Storey Pole Tool too.


Sounds like you got thrown in the Deep End....... May the Force be with you !   and Welcome to the Forum.



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4 hours ago, RBareSTLDaB said:

I am trying to fit this into my schedule.

Rodger, do yourself a favor even if you have to watch them at night, just do it.  I had the same situation happen to me, and I appreciate the guys on here having patients with me, but I surprised my self and progressed much faster by watching the video training, along with the help of the Pro's on here that didn't give up on me.  I'm not where I'd like to be proficiently with the software, but every chance I get I check out the video's and copy the links to watch specific ones after hours.  Thank fully the wife doesn't get mad at me when she sees me plug in my earphones she knows I'm about to watch another CA Vid! I don't know how deep your going to get into using the software (how much work you'll be doing with it) but you'd be wise to learn Layer Sets (opinions vary but I like using annosets linked to layer sets now that I've learned more about setting them up). Roof Tools will save you a lot of grief. And you'll find out if you need help in the future posting the plan usually gets you answers quicker than if you simply try to explain the problem and the outcome you're seeking! GOOD LUCK!

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