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Is there a way to make the reference floor display and print in layout? Preferably as dashed lines.


when I send the plan view that shows the reference floor to layout it disappears.


I am trying to show a basement level and the walls above so the architect will know where to add walls in the basement.

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If it's shown that way in the Plan View then it should be that way in the Layout.  However, in order to make it stick you should be sending "Saved Plan Views" to Layout so that you aren't changing the Layout when you turn off the Referenced Floor as you are working.

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2 hours ago, Michael_Gia said:

Look up reference floor display videos on Scott Hall’s YouTube channel. 


Here’s an old one that really helped my grasp how to use reference floor display in layout, and why to use them....




Hi Mo,  Thank you for the memories.  I can’t tell you how huge this was for me back then.  I now take it for granted.  The MRLS is used in all my plans as I am sure it is used in most power users plans.


Now I would like to see the MMRLS....  The Multiple Multiple Reference Layer System.  Which means that we can reference MULTIPLE LEVELS via MULTIPLE REF SETS......  Instead of only one level that we are limited to now.  Not as huge as the MRLS,  but it would be useful for structures over two levels tall.


WOW,  that was so long ago........  maybe 2010?



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