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Free Sketchup is, well, free.  Easy to download and install.  You want to learn at least the basics of exploding models and editing materials before you go with it for Chief.


Open up a new blank SU file using the application, and with the 3D Whse function, download whatever you want into your SU file.  Examine it carefully for size, geometry, and if needed, explode things to be able to get at the materials for all the surfaces you want for have separate materials.  Edit your materials the way you want them.


Resize the model if needed using the tools available.  I often just use the 3D scale tool to stretch or shrink.


When done, save it and give it a name.  Now you have a file on your drive you can import directly to Chief.



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4 hours ago, solver said:


Can you elaborate?


5 hours ago, stager386 said:

I am not able to save skp files and wondering how people are able to import from 3D Warehouse?


Yes if you could cos I am  confused but perhaps there is a misunderstanding on what Chief can and can't do with .skp files ?


CA can import .skp files directly into any plan and you can choose to save the Item to you Library while importing or you can add it later , for example after changing Materials as needed. Not all 3D warehouse Models are well made , nor can they be "exploded" without the use of the Free Sketchup Make Program, SU Make is now a web-based Free Probram though you can still download the Free 2017 version too , if you'd prefer it.


This Tutorial will explain it better than me.....


Sketchup Make Online :


Sketchup Make 2017




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