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  1. Oh this is so helpful, thank you!
  2. Thank you for the advice. Will follow up when I've fiddled with the landscape!
  3. I would love to post the plan to see what could be done with it but it's too big. I have to say, the hour or so I have spent in TM has been very frustrating. The structure is buried under the landscape, so I haven't really been able to explore that much yet. How do I get unburied? Thanks for your help!
  4. Wow this looks amazing!
  5. Thank you. I appreciate the critique! Perspective and positioning are very important, and I need to work on that. There are so many nuances to producing the perfect image!
  6. I never heard of TM until a couple days ago. I haven't quite figured it out yet. But it looks like a good option. I have a cottage I've built on CA and am unhappy with the grass, lake, trees, etc.. so I went to TM. I don't know how much of my finished plan I should be importing into TM. - Do I take the terrain perimeter with me and leave behind the trees and lake, or only take the cottage? - Can I import the plan back into CA with newly added things from TM to continue with the details? You can see the landscape looks kind of fake. What would anyone suggest I do, in order to use TM to enhance it? Thank you! Kate
  7. Thanks. I am just trying to accurately define my services. Can modeling be static? I am not offering video walkthroughs and I'm not rotating the structure around and around as part of a presentation to a client. Everything I do ranges from simple flat floorplans and layout documents, to photo-realistic renderings with lighting and environment. So what would you call those types of services?
  8. I love your question, because it illustrates what I am confused about!
  9. I see a few terms used a lot in regard to CAD services, and I am not sure they are always used accurately. I would love an explanation that differentiates 3D, 2D, Renderings, Modeling. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Ok this works on all walls. Thanks so much.
  11. I think I figured it out, thank you! It only works with an exterior wall, but the "make invisible" wall icon is what I need to use, and I was not familiar with it. Thanks!
  12. Thats the setting I mentioned having tried. It didn't do anything.
  13. How do I hide the walls? There is a prompt for that in the camera setting, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Can you point me in the right direction to learn more about that? Thank you!
  14. Hi. Looking for suggestions on taking photos within small spaces. I’m trying to capture a closet design I’ve done for a client. I used the floor overview, I’ve done a straight on camera with making a wall disappear so I can stand further back etc… They all work but thought I’d ask if others have things that work for them. This is for the realistic ray trace “glam shot”. Thanks!
  15. Yes this was the solution. Thanks!
  16. This was the solution. Thanks so much!
  17. I did. And it still doesn't act like a cabinet after deleting the surface.
  18. Ah, that looks promising, thank you Robert!
  19. Hello. I just closed off a small area under an eave, for storage purposes. In order for it to blend in with the adjoining cabinets, I chose to make it a cabinet that is only an inch deep. Then I deleted the back cabinet wall so I can show my client what the space looks like with the door open. Since making these changes to the cabinet, the option to show the door open/closed doesn't pop up anymore. I think my error is around the confusion of converting it to/from a symbol. Thoughts? Thank you!
  20. Well, the project is complete but I don't think I did it very productively, so yes and no, lol. But we can close out this question, thanks.
  21. I got it done, but it was very tricky (for me). Closet C for CA help.plan
  22. been doing exactly that. They dont' meet properly.
  23. Thanks for the reply. I am getting some better results in the last half hour. But I still think I made this harder than necessary. What I was having trouble with was making the lower portion of both planes a certain color. And the upper halves to match the ceiling. Each plane has different measurements, pitch and size, so they are meeting at the bottom and then flaring out at the top, like an ice cream cone leaning over. I can't attach the plan. It's too big, even thought I reduced all the extras and zipped it. Thanks for your time! I am continuing to work on it.
  24. I created 2 eaves with ceiling planes (I didn't need to draw the entire house, just a closet) and I would like to make the upper portion of the 2 eaves blend in with the ceiling color. I want the lower half of the 2 eaves to be the wall color. I have tried cutting the ceiling planes in half, and creating the uppers in white and the lowers in the wall color. But when the upper and lower halves meet, they join and revert back to one color. I can't add a backsplash or material region to the planes. Any other way to do this? It took me a whole day just to get these planes positioned and sized properly enough, so I am open to knowing if there was a better method for that too. You can see they don't even meet at the bottom the way they should. I have zipped and reduced the file as much as possible, but it's still too large to attach. Here is a camera view. Thank you!