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I am ready to pull the trigger on a 15" laptop to take Chief 9 into my client's home for presentations, to utilize it for design work, and for extensive ray tracing, (remodeling & construction) as well. I'm looking for recommendations for a top notch configuration that will make a positive impression on the client (through speed and graphic quality) and be a powerful tool to supplement my desktop work. I'd appreciate any feedback, cost is not a limiting consideration. Thanks DP

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I'm on my second Clevo/Sager. Clevos where what the original Alienware laptops (pre Dell) and I think the original ROG machines also.

I like that the configuration options are broad per model, no bloatware, and they don't have to look like a neon gaming machine. Prices are in line with or a tad below some of the others. Several models available with desktop processors (no Intel GPU so no Optimus), and also with desktop GPUs. I believe that some now have upgradeable CPUs and GPUS. I think that all the gaming brands now offer at least one or two of those now though.

Bought the first one from Sager, second one from Xotic PC (who also handle other brands). There are a few other vendors (listed at forums)

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I bought a Sager NP9170 in 11/2012 and its still going strong (I usually replace on a 3 year cycle, but will now play it year by year).  I chose it because, for $2000, I got more machine than a comparable desktop replacement (at the time, I think the next closest was over $3000) and will probably replace it in the future with another.   Its got a rugged case and doesn't look like a gaming machine...I have never felt I have work it to its full capacity.  I like the larger screen for work when I am not tethered to a monitor.  The keyboard needed to be replaced and later the SSD.  In both cases, I sent the machine by mail to the California shop and received it back within a week.  The keyboard was under warranty but the SSD was not...they replaced the 80GB SSD with a 150 GB at the cost of the 80 GB.


17.3" NP9170 Core i7-3740QM CPU, 64 bit, Full HD LED Backlit; Nvidia GeForce GTX 675 MX GPU with 4 GB GDDR5 Video Memory

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for the clients presentations get a 17" or bigger

very hard for 3 people to crowd around a small screen


another recommendation is to spend a few hundred and get a palm size LCD projector

much nicer for doing the client presentations


if you are going to huddle make sure you don't have bad breath and use lots of deodorant :)


as for brands I've had many different ones over  the years - some pros and cons with each


check Amazon for reviews and look for 4 out of 5 stars for 100+ reviews

I wouldn't bother reading the negative reviews as every single brand and model has "horror stories"


I use these guidelines for anything I buy and haven't been burned yet


put your $$$ into things that can't be upgraded later

you can add ram later, you can add storage later


get as big a screen as you can

as many cores for i7 as you can

get a decent power supply (forgot min. for a laptop)

get the best gaming PC you can afford

with the best Nvidia video card you can affford


plan on spending at least $1500


I use to have a $2000 rule but things have come down some the last few years





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My thanks to all of you for taking the time to provide the insights, feedback, and experience. 


I need to stay at the 15" platform because that's what works best for me on a number of different levels, but I completely understand the merit of a larger screen as I use 2 - 27" monitors for my desktop workstation.


Looks like the i7 with a ton of RAM and a top end  Nvidia GeForce card are the key factors.


The DELL Inspiron 15 7000 with 64G of RAM caught my eye.


Any additional feedback is more than welcome. Thanks again.



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14 hours ago, jonboy112352 said:

Jon 2500.00 +/- ... I thought I would jump in ..sorry


Here you go.  Budget friendly and will run CA inside out (well, as much as four cores can)...


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On 2017-02-20 at 1:19 PM, chief58 said:

I went with the ASUS ROG g751jy 17"  notebook and haven't regretted it from Amazon

Wow a 3000$+ laptop that doesn't have a solid state drive?  The 3000$ budget wasn't enough?...

I don't get it, or Amazon is not listing all the specs correctly. 

The only reason I mention this is because a solid state drive is so vital to performance.  Almost more so than ram, in my opinion.  

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On 2/22/2017 at 10:36 AM, jcaffee said:

Or, if you have the budget and want the best, you want a Boxx...

Sure looks like a Clevo to me?

Just for grins a comparable Sager can match the specs (maybe not VR? can't tell) for a grand less (first link)-in the same budget you can get dual 1070's (second link looks to be the same Clevo model?)

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52 minutes ago, jcaffee said:

Mark, that's just the base price.  Once you build it out, it's a $7000 laptop

You mean the Boxx for that right?

I configured a Sager to match for $2700-2900. FWIW Dual GPU 1070's puts it at 3100. Getting stupid with it-4k, dual 1080s, two 1TB SSD, 32 gb a mere $5500:lol:

OP was looking for a 15" in which case similar build Is about $2400.


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