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    Laptop recommendation

    I bought a Sager NP9170 in 11/2012 and its still going strong (I usually replace on a 3 year cycle, but will now play it year by year). I chose it because, for $2000, I got more machine than a comparable desktop replacement (at the time, I think the next closest was over $3000) and will probably replace it in the future with another. Its got a rugged case and doesn't look like a gaming machine...I have never felt I have work it to its full capacity. I like the larger screen for work when I am not tethered to a monitor. The keyboard needed to be replaced and later the SSD. In both cases, I sent the machine by mail to the California shop and received it back within a week. The keyboard was under warranty but the SSD was not...they replaced the 80GB SSD with a 150 GB at the cost of the 80 GB. 17.3" NP9170 Core i7-3740QM CPU, 64 bit, Full HD LED Backlit; Nvidia GeForce GTX 675 MX GPU with 4 GB GDDR5 Video Memory
  2. Hi All,


    Wondering if there is a way to draw horizontal (actually parallel to tread) metal railing ?  I have a 5 story exterior stair railing that I need to show correctly to the local historic building community. I've attached a photo of an interior metal rail...would like to show 42" guard with 1/2x1/2 'horizontal 'sub-railings'

    metal rail example.jpg