Linking new plan files and layout files in X8

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Linking new plan files and layout files in X8;


Anyone tell me exactly, maybe with some screenshots, how to go about making doubly sure that a plan file 

is linked properly with the corresponding layout file in the settings. It would help greatly, if you could take a snapshot of where

it is in the settings, or just exactly how to get to the screen where you can manipulate or make this change if need?

Thanks so much in advance!



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You select an existing plan or other linked view. Specifically you left-click to select the view. Then in that selected object's "Edit Toolbar" you will see an icon that looks like two chain links. You then click that icon which will open a "Browse" dialog where you can then see what plan file us currently linked or browse to another plan file and change what is then showing on your layout.


You would be well advised to keep all linked plan and image of PDF file copies in the SAME folder as the associated layout. The layout needs to also be in the same folder as those objects associated with it.



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We end up with lots of save as variations- we place a text with macro inserted for file name-helps avoid confusion down the line. Elevations and when linking mulitple plans will place macro in the view label to identify the file. Just have to remember to get rid of them before printing.

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