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  1. rwaldrondesigns

    Random items on my roof plan!!!

    LOL, I wasn't worried about the 0,0 because I'm basically supplying a few drawings (roof plan, floor plan, details) for a designer who is doing elevations, etc by hand. I have no idea how in the world that happened. I was literally getting ready to print and everything looked great, then I went back through the pages for a double check and everything was screwed up! Needless to say, I sat with my face in my hands for a while that evening.... lol. Thank you for figuring that out. I swear, I've never even locked a layer!!!
  2. rwaldrondesigns

    Random items on my roof plan!!!

    Here is the file (pardon the errors, it is still in progress, lol) DUN01_DESIGN.plan
  3. rwaldrondesigns

    Random items on my roof plan!!!

    I have no clue what I managed to do, but suddenly random items are showing up on my roof plan and cannot be selected. A dryer (but not the washer), select shelves, a shower column, a towel warmer and a range hood. I can see the items in elevation, but cannot select them. I cannot see the items in plan view. I don't know how to fix this error if I can't select them and open them to see what may have happened. Has anyone had this happen before and know the solution? Here is a screenshot of my plot (and yes, this was timed perfectly to happen just before my deadline to get the drawings to the engineer, so I sent them to him like this explaining the glitch... omg):
  4. rwaldrondesigns

    "3D Elevation" in Schedules

    Well, that's interesting! I was referring to row height, not column width, but I'm not sure how you managed to get such a tight row height in yours!
  5. rwaldrondesigns

    "3D Elevation" in Schedules

    Thanks Mick. I have done this, and it does certainly help, but not quite enough.
  6. rwaldrondesigns

    "3D Elevation" in Schedules

    Yeah, such a bummer to turn it off. I feel like it offers so much clarification.
  7. rwaldrondesigns

    "3D Elevation" in Schedules

    I love that I can easily create a door and window schedule with Chief, and the new (ish) "3D Elevation" feature is spectacular EXCEPT that it creates so much wasted space and is difficult to fit on a page. I know that I can adjust the column widths, but is there really no way to make the row heights a bit shorter so that the image isn't floating in space (without turning it into CAD and losing all of its intelligence)? If anyone knows a way to do this, I would love to hear it!
  8. rwaldrondesigns

    Turn on Roof Eave?

    Thank you Chopsaw! I knew it was some simple thing I was overlooking!
  9. rwaldrondesigns

    Turn on Roof Eave?

    I have drawn these several times now, and while I'm getting more comfortable with roofs, I keep finding the most ridiculous things stumping me. Today is that I have a roof with an eave that partially covers a deck. I am trying to get this CA drawing: To look like this hand drawing (and I'm not worried about windows, siding, or the fact that the deck is floating just yet- just trying to get that eave to show properly: Thougths are appreciated!!
  10. rwaldrondesigns

    Fixture Components in Cabinets to Fixture Schedule

    Oi- so aggravating. Thanks guys.
  11. rwaldrondesigns

    Hafele Lemans and a tray divider

    Hey Mark- how are you getting around the schedule challenge? Code? Comments? I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this- it seems pointless to put it in if it doesn't show up in the schedule.
  12. I have a sink in my cabinet and am trying to create a fixture schedule. When I click on the item to edit it, I'm not sure how to change the label without changing the label of the cabinet. It seems no matter what I do, it is retaining the default label of "Oval Undermount Sink..." I want it to be PL-12
  13. rwaldrondesigns

    Electrical Labels

    Thank you all- I misunderstood what the OP was referring to.
  14. rwaldrondesigns

    Electrical Labels

    I'm not sure if this was ever resolved, and I'm looking to do something similar (maybe the same thing?). I have been trying to figure out how to change the call-out labels for electrical. If I use a call-out, the shape is huge and in the way. All I want is the text "E01, E01, etc.". I chose "Show Labels" from the schedule and "Include Schedule Number", but that includes the complete description as well! Do I have to go through every plan and manually label?
  15. rwaldrondesigns

    Different handrail on one side than the other

    Eric's got it for the most part- where you have the green railing in the second photo, I want there to be nothing. But, I DO want those taller balustrades.The way Joe and Rob show/describe puts the railing next to the stairs, not stopping at the tread, the way Eric has it.