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  1. Fancy that? I started x15 in Windows Safe Mode and encountered the error as attached, I selected okay a half dozen times and managed to start and save a blank project. I rebooted in regular mode and presto, we're good to go.
  2. X15 - critical stall, I had a client over and moved X15 to the screen nearest him, and the program went into a spinning wheel of the dome, never to return. I did a complete uninstall and reinstall without luck. Upon startup, it goes into the spinning wheel of doom. X14 still functions as expected. I did use X15 for the last few days without incident. I'll contact support on Monday. Ron
  3. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, of course :-). Thanks Rob,
  4. Problem Solved Windows Task Manager Services Nahimic service Disable Thanks everyone and to David at Tech Support
  5. In acquiring my my new desktop with Win11 the Chief "Help" function does not respond. All other web functions work as expected. Has anyone experienced similar with an upgrade? I can't find a default browser setting to review. Thanks R,
  6. Thanks Rob but I'm not getting the same results. Mulled window / pass through in same location. And yes, what you show is exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. Gene describes the issue as "it's as good as it gets".
  7. Rob, has anything come of this since 2020? I can't find a thing and tried the "no frame option" but that's a poor solution as you say. Thanks
  8. Test.plan?dl=0
  9. That's odd, a bare bones test file is 59 MBs - cannot post.
  10. Greetings, For many years I've simply tweaked things to make a situation like the attached work but decided to throw it out there. In doing my homework I've yet to find anything similar. Question, why do the fascia heights in the attached not line up? The file is a simply four wall house that I started for this purpose. I've struggled with similar for many years and made it work with custom values and tweaks. R
  11. I don't have a floor. As a test I simple drew a 10' wall, in elevation I made the height 10' = 100 square.
  12. In testing the area calculation I found a 10x10 exterior wall is reporting 111 sq. ft. I can't find any reference to mathematical adjustment from the original value, that should be 100 sq. ft. Thoughts? CA13
  13. I've been stuck on that phrase all week, it's like a jingle you can't get out of your head and you hum it everywhere and anywhere :-)