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  1. Scottb

    Rendering techniques

    Found a great Video at I signed up for his membership. Definitely worth it. Basically found out that my graphics card is junk. Thanks everyone for the tips and ideas.
  2. Scottb

    Rendering techniques

    Need some Rendering advise. I hate how its so dark and lights are spotty on ceiling and weird light reflection on floor. I added a bunch of extra lights, but doesn't seem like it does anything. Thanks in advance for any help. Scott
  3. Scottb

    Wall spec problem

    That worked. Never would of thought to do that. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Scottb

    Wall spec problem

    I attached the template. Thanks brick house 8 ceilings.plan
  5. Scottb

    Wall spec problem

    I created my own template for a brick house. If I change a wall to siding 4, the wall will still show the brick material. Anybody have any advise? the siding on my siding 4 should be white hardi board. See picture.
  6. Scottb

    Lock floor bottom or top

    Every time I lower a garage floor, the foundation on the house also gets lowered and will have a higher stem wall. I want the stem wall of the house to stay the same and just lower the garage.
  7. Scottb

    Lock floor bottom or top

    Has anybody figured out what the "lock floor bottom" or "top" do in x10? I've tried to play around with it, and its not doing anything for me. Trying to lower a garage floor, and keeping the house foundation the same.
  8. Scottb

    railing in doorway

    Need help to create a railing in a doorway like attached picture. Do I have to custom make the railing as a molding? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Scottb

    Adding length to my house plan

    Thanks gentlemen .
  10. My house plan is basically done, but want to add a foot to the center of the house. Is there an easy way to do this on all levels of my house?
  11. Would like to help. I live in Charleston and I have an engineer that I work with that can stamp the plans also. Please call me at 843-284-3110
  12. Scottb

    Design checklist

    Does anyone have a design checklist they would like to share? Thanks.
  13. Need help getting your plans done for permitting? I'll be glad to help. I'll design to the IRC codes in your area. Quick turn around. Contact me at 58 gibbs addition sample.pdf
  14. Got it. Thanks for your help.
  15. ok. I'll have to play with that. What level is your deck on and what level did you build the invisible walls.?