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  1. wnschoen


    That's good. When I contacted Tech Support they 'couldn't replicate my issue'.... hopefully we can all get it fixed. It's kind of a basic CAD thing and really needs to work.
  2. wnschoen


    I would add that it seems to be an even bigger problem/inconsistent when I am using 3D Objects (like my footers and CMU Block that I draw in CAD and turn into 3D Solids). Thanks.
  3. wnschoen


    Is it just me, or is anyone else having a devil of a time getting the object snaps to work in X15? Ever since I upgraded, things don't seem to snap the same. I've played with the defaults and the preferences (by the way, why in the world are angle snaps in a different location/menu than the other snaps)? Anyway, anyone else having issues? I put a ticket into Chief, but that tech said they could not repeat my issue. Thanks, Nate Nate Schoen Bridgewater Consulting LLC (Custom Design Firm) Beaufort, South Carolina www.homesbybridgewater.com / nschoen@homesbybridgewater.com (843) 422-7778 Chief Architect Premier X15 Windows 11 Pro x 64 Intel Core i9013900 w/24 Cores 5.6GHz NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 12GB GDDR6X ASUS ProArt Z790-Creator LGA 1700 Motherboard 4x Kingston Fury Renegade 16GB 7200MT/s DDR5 CL38 DIMM (64GB Total) Kingston Fury Renegade 4TB PCIe Gen 40. NVMe M.2 SSD 2x BenQ PD2700U Monitors
  4. All good ideas. I'll send to Chief and see if they can automate it in the next version.
  5. Does anyone have a trick or way to produce a Table on the Cover Sheet of the Layout that has all the various Floor SqFt? I use this sheet as my cover, but have to manually enter and add up. Probably no easy way other than manually doing it. Just asking. There is probably a way to create a macro, but I would rather have someone do it for me... maybe a future update. BH20 Template 2022_1.pdf
  6. Same here - the more complex the plan, the bigger lag... it kind of sucks, as Chief has gotten more powerful, I obviously want to use more of the available 3D/details/etc of Chief - BUT to use those cool features makes the Plan more complex and then makes it slower/lag.... almost makes you want a simpler version... bad catch 22 if you ask me. VERY FRUSTRATING WHEN YOU GET A BIG CLIENT/BIG/COMPLEX PLAN AND IT TAKES FOREVER TO GET THINGS ADJUSTED BECAUSE YOU ARE WAITING ON LAG.
  7. Just figured something else out here - this last huge long print time file has 'live views' for the 3d/renderings. The other faster files had no live views in the layout.... Trying that now. Cunningham.pdf
  8. Last one. Slowest. But biggest. One note I just realized... this last huge guy actually was pulling from two Plan Files because I put an Alternate from elevation/floorplan together. I am going to try to eliminate that 2nd Plan from the Layout and see what happens. 465seconds_300dpi_Chief_pdf_-_100sec_2500kb_layout_30,000kb_plan.pdf
  9. Two more files. Last massive/slow file in the next thread. 370sec - 600dpi Adobe- 3800kb layout 27,500kb plan.pdf 100sec_-_300dpi_Chief_pdf_-__3000kb_layout_40,000kb_plan.pdf
  10. I took some time and printed these files out. Bigger Plans take longer. Chief Print to pdf is way faster than Adobe Acrobat. The 300dpi Chief pdf - 2500kb layout 30,000kb plan took LONGER than the 40,000kb file. By a lot! So why?? This long time print file is the same one that took over 15min to take to .pdf yesterday... and why I started the thread. So maybe there is something to be said about restarting the computer to clear any RAM, etc. or something that is making it lag.51sec - 300dpi Chief pdf - 3800kb layout 27,500kb plan.pdf File size produced is interesting as well - see next post for the remaining files. Bigger File obviously slower within Chief Print to pdf. But note the Adobe Acrobat makes a smaller file for the same plan.... 51sec - 600dpi Chief pdf - 3800kb layout 27,500kb plan.pdf 51sec - 300dpi Chief pdf - 3800kb layout 27,500kb plan.pdf 260sec - 300dpi Adobe - 3800kb layout 27,500kb plan.pdf
  11. Chief print to .pdf is the fastest of various .pdf printers.
  12. The other 'Note' on this - seems to be worse/longer for heavy CAD files.... like an imported Survey like I spoke about originality.
  13. I have also submitted and basically they gave me a bunch of junk about my computer, but that is not the problem. I built this one myself and also agree that it has gotten worse, not better. Using the Chief .pdf Printer helps (rather than Adobe, etc.), but one of my plans this morning took 22 minutes to print 17 pages (9MB File once it was finished - which also is an issue, my quality is nothing special and there is no way the file should have to be this big... similar number of sheets in different plan result in files half this size - no changes in my settings, just Chief Program deciding to make it difficult). I think this is a major issue that is getting worse. There needs to be a way to compress things easier.
  14. What is the range of time it takes you to print a Layout File, say 10 Pages, in Chief? I can't seem to find any reason, but sometimes it can take literally 10 minutes to print (and Chief reports as 'Not Responding' in the Windows Task Manager), but it grinds thru it and produces a .pdf file. Other times it seems to be really quick. I know it has to do with the size of the files, but I am just curious others experience? Ideas to speed things up (and I think it is related - produce a smaller file size in that finalized .pdf print file). I would also suggest that the 'hangs' occur when Chief is trying to print out my first few pages - the ones with the survey CAD data.... probably related. Thanks. Koengeter Nov 28.pdf
  15. That's my point. Chief creates a 'phantom' slab in the elevation view, but THAT ITEM DOES NOT EXIST in any Plan View. This quote is from the User Manual: " If Monolithic Slab Foundation is checked, the current Floor Structure will be replaced by a single 4” (100 mm) layer of concrete with footings that can be seen in camera views only. " I guess I'll just post this to an idea for future improvement. I just can't figure out if there is a good reason that the slab does not automatically generate in Plan View.... it is great that it generates in Camera Views, but why not in the Plan View?