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  1. Joe_cul

    Deck Plank

    I can not change the decking planks unless I do one at a time. where do I change the deck plank materials? I tired in the room spec
  2. Why is my [File] [Export] [Export 360 Panorama] grayed out?
  3. Joe_cul

    Lost Textures in Views

    Must have click something and didn't know it Thanks Very Much
  4. Joe_cul

    Lost Textures in Views

    lost all the textures in the views, floors counter tops, back splash
  5. Joe_cul

    Old Plan X6

  6. Joe_cul

    Old Plan X6

    I have an old plan and been saving it from X2-X6. When I open it in X9 the walls can not be opened or adjusted. It seems that everything else can be opened. The walls seem to be poly lines. I never opened it and saved it in X7 or X8. Any suggestion on opening it so it can be worked on? CulottaX6 041414.plan
  7. Joe_cul

    Cabinet Defaults

    Before I started a plan I changed the cabinet defaults with the white wrench. I wanted a dark color. When I was all done. I thought it was too dark. I changed the defaults, again with the white wrench, to a lighter color. No change in the plan. If I change a single cabinet to lets say white, then select it. I click the white wrench with the red plus sign to change the defaults. No change. It seems the only way I can change the cabinet color is to change one cabinet, then use the I dropper on the remaining cabinets.