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  1. Joe_cul


    Thanks, sometimes it just so simple.
  2. Joe_cul


    I don't know what has happen. I got walls when viewed perspective have horz siding a tan color. I cant change them. I make them blue and as i go around the house i find one wall blue. same wall type siding 6. open any wall details and it has blue siding buy views tan. I have attic walls with no siding, but view with tan siding. change them to vertical siding white. still shows horz tan siding, except that one wall it changes.
  3. so the best way is put everything on the plan files and I can always turn off layers in the Layout files.
  4. Where is the best place to place callouts, text or notes on the plan files or the layout files.
  5. In the library i have a folder User Catalogs but it is empty. how do i link it back up. I see all the files in my "Chief Architect Premier X15 data" file.
  6. am i doing something wrong in X15. In the library browser I could click on a folder and below i would get previews on the object in that folder. Such as Showers/Shower Pans. I would see the 7 or so small previews of them making it easier to select the one i needed.
  7. Joe_cul


    Solved: The roof plan is on the first floor. Next to it is a two-story section. When the plan touches the two-story section, the soffit jumps up like shown in the picture. Just had to use the break line at the soffit overhang and then move the roof plan against the second story section. thanks everyone for looking
  8. Joe_cul


    Why is this soffit up so high?
  9. great thanks for the quick response.
  10. If i created a drawling in CAX14 using Windows 11 can I open that file using a Mac?
  11. I can not change the decking planks unless I do one at a time. where do I change the deck plank materials? I tired in the room spec
  12. Why is my [File] [Export] [Export 360 Panorama] grayed out?
  13. Must have click something and didn't know it Thanks Very Much
  14. lost all the textures in the views, floors counter tops, back splash
  15. Thanks