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  1. Agreed, would love to turn this off...I'm fine with the new room being labeled the same as the existing, but would rather have the label off by default.
  2. try 'final view', or 'final view with shadows'...that should smooth it out some
  3. If you go with a Disto, this site has the best prices I could find...I got 2 from them at different times...and would use them again:
  4. put all the files in one folder, open the pl1 file, and it will merge the other plx files...if not, perhaps post all the .plx files, and we can open in 9 to see if works there, then possibly convert it up.
  5. X6 will merge them together...I have 9.5 running on another computer and could open all of them up to see if it is all there in the original format, then convert to X6 if needed...when i open up the file you posted in the original in 9.5 i get a message that 'floor 2 is missing from the plan files for this plan...." good luck.
  6. Also use SugarSync...don't rely on it for real time sync for two computers running at the same time, but for a secondary computer used at different times it works great and syncs things quick and backups up at the same time and close to real time as mentioned by Mike. Been using it for years.
  7. No, this looks familiar...I think someone asked about it before...I imagine it was a combination of some architectural software and fine tuned in Photoshop, or the like.
  8. Pretty cool...i'm sure it can be with some effort.
  9. that's right...i think the middle one resizes the door...glad you figured it out.
  10. grab the middle handle and drag it inwards or outwards
  11. Agreed...for longer then a few second delay a dialog is helpful....quick/short delays (if we want to call them delays), a dialog is not necessary.
  12. Can we get rid of it...I really don't want to see it every time I hit undo...i guess my brain is programmed that way since that is how every software I work with dialog when hitting undo...perhaps having it show up after 3 seconds like previously mentioned would be fine....just so we know it is still thinking and not crashing.
  13. I also get a pop up dialogue every single time I hit is fast, but annoying to see it at all...i'm set up on an ssd drive as well....definately showing up before 3 seconds...would love to see that go away.
  14. what setting do i change to only get an email on the first new post, and not every single post...that is how the legacy forum inbox is under attack from this thread...I know I can stop following it, but something that I need to figure out for all forums...thanks.
  15. typically only on start varies, but usually hitting F2 or DEL...but as your starting up, before windows loads, it should list it usually on the bottom of the screen what to push to enter setup or bios. Good luck.
  16. Yep Glenn, see it now...don't think that was there before...i don't have to float is there on all of my posts by default now. Good to have it.
  17. Thanks Bill...I was thinking that too...however it stays on the automatic dimension layer. I may have to change the way I work, but it still doesn't make sense to me that if it stays on the auto dimension layer that it should work like the 'auto refresh' feature when I click auto dimension. Thanks for the tip.
  18. Thanks Bill....surprised it is designed to make duplicate dimensions. So I am designing a new house, as i'm moving walls, i'll move a string out of the way and keep working, then i'll hit auto, and any string i moved manually doesn't delete. I opened up Chief 9 (I know...old program, but I had it handy), and it does delete those manually moved...definately want that functionality back. The auto refresh is nice, but if there are a couple wings on one side of the house, and interior walls in that wing, auto doesn't give me overall wing dimensions, so I adjust a automatic string to see it temporarily, but then things start tripping over each other when hit auto again...would love for auto to show all overall wing dimensions.
  19. Somewhat related question, but more on Microsoft's there any risk in turning UAC settings to 'never notify'?
  20. You're welcome...yeah, hope they fix it...I think they mentioned running as administrator may make some things not work...haven't seen anyone complain about problems with it though, so it may be fine.
  21. I have the same issue: It was discussed here with somewhat of a solution:
  22. Is there a setting I need to toggle on or off for this: start new plan draw a room with 4 walls hit auto dimensions ('auto refresh dimensions' is off) hit it again, and it works as intended now move one of the dimension strings away from the house, and then hit auto dimension again, and the moved string stays, and a new duplicate string is created (you may have to draw some interior walls to reproduce this...had to do that on one, but not another) i can do this over and over and I will keep getting new strings Is anyone else getting this? Auto refresh doesn't see this behavior, but the auto dimensions aren't good enough, (especially with wings...something I've been requesting for years), for me to rely on auto refresh...if they would just add a wing dimension string, then auto would be perfect. Thanks
  23. Kirk, it looks like you were attaching an image, but it doesn't show up for me??
  24. I can't find a way to delete a post options in the edit section that I can find...anyone find it?