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  1. Yes for plan views is what is asking about...to prevent turning off auto roof this would become a suggestion then. I'm not sure why this isn't setup in the defaults.
  2. How do you automatically get the roof material fill to show up without going in after the roof is built to show the fill style pattern designated by the material chosen? If that's not an option or you need to do it manually, why is that not an option in the defaults and a separate layer? Am I missing something???
  3. Hey Joe, did you complete these for X15?
  4. I just imported the updated ones to X15 and it gives me the #Evaluation Error#...any idea what the fix is? TIA
  5. Elevation.pdfSection.pdf Hopefully these show up better. @DBCooper The top down overview worked to a certain point it still does not show details like you would think it would and needs to. I guess you could turn it into a CAD Detail, seems like way more work than I intended...
  6. It would be a cross section view through the plan at let's say 18" above finished floor and another at 60" above finished floor looking down.
  7. Working on a cabinet drawing and I have tried to use the Cross Section Slider without any luck. This seems to be picky on how you can actually use it and how it will show up on the drawing/elevation. How do you do the horizontal section cuts (1 / 1-2.1) and 2 / 1-2.1) and get the cross section callouts on the elevation pages? The attached pictures are examples. TIA, Ryan
  8. I'm a residential designer experienced on various types residential projects, I can take the projects from ground zero to approved permit, construction plans, and submittal to building department for permitting. Available for per project or hourly work. - New Construction (Custom or Spec), Additions, Remodels & Full-Renovations - Single Family, Two-Family, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's), and Garage Apartments. - Marketing Materials, As-Builts, Product Creation from Sketchup, Sketches to Hardline plans, and much more to offer. Additional Specialty Skills/Knowledge: - Building Material and Estimating Knowledge - Experience in the field as a framer, I've done everything from sill plates to drywall finish to trim carpentry, which is very useful in design. - Knowledge of High-Performance Construction If you have questions or want to discuss in more depth, feel free to reach out to me at radhomedesignsllc@gmail.com **Using Chief Architect X14, AutoCAD 2022, SketchUp Pro Talk Soon. Ryan @ RAD Home Designs Residential Designer www.radhomedesigns.net
  9. Has anyone used this new option yet? If so, how has it worked any issues or feedback? I have a contractor that uses a panelized manufacturer and I was going to give it a try. Would you charge an extra charge to do this? If so, what ballpark would it be in?
  10. Without knowing anything else and the variables this is where I might start, (it's rough and it was quick) range could be moved, more stools, larger bathroom if need...
  11. The roof planes were so large it would not load in Perspective Full. I started double checking my walls and I only moved 1 wall that was not lined up with the exterior wall and that fixed it. Why would an interior wall the wasn't lined up effect the roof in such a way???
  12. So I built this roof with Auto Roofs then made some minor tweaks to the plans, deleted the roof planes saved, went to rebuild with Auto Roofs and it is all jacked up. Nothing I changed would cause this, any ideas? PS: I would show you the 3D but I think it may take all night to load it...
  13. Thanks, not sure how I missed that...