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  1. Has anyone used this new option yet? If so, how has it worked any issues or feedback? I have a contractor that uses a panelized manufacturer and I was going to give it a try. Would you charge an extra charge to do this? If so, what ballpark would it be in?
  2. Without knowing anything else and the variables this is where I might start, (it's rough and it was quick) range could be moved, more stools, larger bathroom if need...
  3. The roof planes were so large it would not load in Perspective Full. I started double checking my walls and I only moved 1 wall that was not lined up with the exterior wall and that fixed it. Why would an interior wall the wasn't lined up effect the roof in such a way???
  4. So I built this roof with Auto Roofs then made some minor tweaks to the plans, deleted the roof planes saved, went to rebuild with Auto Roofs and it is all jacked up. Nothing I changed would cause this, any ideas? PS: I would show you the 3D but I think it may take all night to load it...
  5. Thanks, not sure how I missed that...
  6. How do you handle show building with a double or triple sill plate?