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  1. How would you create this? Ive tried multiple different glass wall and door options and I just cant figure it out. Thank you!! OIP.jfif
  2. How can I change the size of these elevation markers? In floorplan view they show up correctly, but when I send it to Layout they are huge! Thanks!!
  3. I just switched companies and I am currently learning how to use Chief Architect, up until now I've only used AutoCAD professionally, and some Sketchup. I'm having a hard time figuring out a few things... 1. When we draw walls it shows the exterior dimensions, but I measure by the interior dimensions. Is there a way to switch CA to draw the interior dimensions or do i just have to do the math every time to add the wall thicknesses? 2. When drawing cabinets, how do you get it to label the cabinet with the actual dimension? For example, If I draw a cabinet that is 29 1/2", it labels the cabinet 29 even though it's not... If anyone could offer some advice, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!