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  1. It would seem that CA works better with "gaming video cards" especially NVidia cards. I have an 'Ultra' modular 850 Watt power supply I purchased from Tiger Direct. It comes with a multitude of cables that will simplify hooking up any of your requirements (and look good too boot!) I'll be damned if I can find it on their site right now, but it is indeed a cool alternative in power supplies, a custom cable is provided for all your power needs now and future... I have about twenty cables left after building my computer and stored neatly in storage bags supplied by the manufacturer and ready for future use...
  2. Sounds like a 'Font' issue.. Check to make sure it is the exact same font being used between the two computers... Just a wild guess, but what the heck...thought I would throw it out there....
  3. I'm using a EVGA GeForce GTX 780 ACX Cool 3GB GDDR5 video card, no problems with CA locking up. See additional computer specs in my signature....
  4. I love Wilmington, especially Southport. Maybe we could rotate a NC user group between Raleigh, Charlotte, and Wilmington. Any trip I can claim as a business deduction is well worth it!!! My preference in Wilmington would be to meet at the 'Oceanic Restaurant' ...
  5. Definitely the 'DARK SIDE'! BTW: Do you like the original 'muppet-like' Yoda or the CGI version. I tend to like the original.... CGI is great in some respects, heck, look at what they did with Christopher Lee (Count Dooku), Geez, this guy was born in 1922, with 279 acting credits on IMDb. Apparently, at 92 years young he is still working hard on the next 'Hobbit' movie (There and back again)... Amazing... Thinking of it, Perry's avatar somewhat resembles him (take away the sunglasses)...
  6. Be careful, I think the 'force' is starting to influence you, it may be the 'dark side'!
  7. You got a 'star' from me. Thanks!
  8. Yes... , especially when the plan file grows the slowness seems to multiply exponentially.... Turning off 'Undo' in preferences seems to help.
  9. Ditto Ben!. My new computer is well above the requirements to run CA (see my signature for specs) My sole hard drive is a 500 Gb SSD, and undo/redo is still painfully slow on large files, 4 to 5 seconds...With undo set in preferences I also still see and unacceptable lag time when doing anything... How much power do I need!... I just turn off 'undo' working with large files and move along, saving them at key points.
  10. Don't mess with Scott! He is an 'insider' and can destroy your reputation with a 'single click' :) Just pulling your chain... I value all you guys, but have to be sarcastic, it is my nature... On another note: The final episodes of 'Breaking Bad' are now on Netflix! I know Scott is a big fan!
  11. I'll be moving near Charlotte probably around the middle to end of this year. I'm game. Still not so far away I couldn't make a once a month meeting.
  12. The room divider wall only works properly when you have the same floor and ceiling height. You need invisible walls (with thickness) for CA to build floor and ceiling platforms on. Most of the time CA will automatically convert divider walls to invisible walls if this is the case.
  13. Did you ever resolve your issues with the Surface and the Bluetooth mouse?
  14. The handles on a bi-fold door are normally located at the middle or near the hinge side of the 'opening side' panel. All the lever handles I tried show oriented like yours, which is the correct orientation. You wouldn't want the levers sticking out into the room (when open) mounted near the center hinge.
  15. Thanks, Glad to know you are on a fix!! I can't thank you enough for your responsiveness! Keep up the good work!
  16. Oh Crap! Just when I thought life was getting easy... Clean out the pipeline!!! I know you can do it!!!
  17. Thanks a million Ben!. After reading the thread, "Run as Administrator" solved the problem. Now runs slick as glass... Not sure why this should be necessary though, this is new hand built computer, CA is the only 'major' program running at present...
  18. 'Launch Help' seems to take forever to load (about 20-30 seconds or more). Is it linked to my internet connection?