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  1. Actually the answer above about Photon Mapping was the short answer to my question. Yes, making it look good is another story. I've managed to play with my lighting enough to make it look decent though.
  2. So there's nothing on this forum about Ray Tracing, according to the search box. I gather, however, that the forum software changed recently, and that I'm probably only looking at posts from at most a few months back. How do you search the "old" forums (or is this necessary?).
  3. So much for it being a simple fix :-). Thanks for the help, I'll take a look.
  4. Why do all my stainless steel textures look black when I ray trace? I've tried lighting like crazy, and everything else is really bright, but SS still looks pitch black. Any ideas?
  5. Update: Now some really wierd behavior. I open my plan, and immediately go into Floor 3D to take a shot of my new project. I position my 3D camera. I then hit J to start a Ray Trace. The Ray Trace dialog has several profiles available, but when I try to select one, it doesn't let me. Really strange. It's as if the drop-down is disabled, but its not. Starting a new profile from scratch just does nothing, as if I didn't do anything. After trying a few times though, I got a Ray Trace to work (but I don't know why).
  6. Update: I'm now getting the "go nuts" behavior all of the time, for no apparent reason. Basically the program just goes into 100% CPU and the draw window is dead. I quit the program and it seems to be stuck in 50% CPU mode with another 50% CPU used up by kernel_task -- perhaps it crashed and is dumping its brains? It's been about 5 minutes now though. I'm going to force quit I guess. I need to get some work done for my contractor... What a pain...
  7. I'm not sure, but I think something about dropping the shape into my plan made it go nuts. I restarted the program and it works fine now (although I haven't tried a torus again, I'm using cylinders now).
  8. I added a horizontal torus shape to my plan and it is now slammed at 100% in 2D mode and I basically can't use the plan anymore. Has anybody else seen this?
  9. I switched back to my iMac. I'm certainly not interested in upgrading a system I'd love to throw away as soon as I can get this one last piece of software off of it :-). I'll work through the issues on my iMac. I don't see much difference in performance between the two right now.
  10. Thanks for taking a look. Yes, I guess I use 3D mode a lot to do editing, so perhaps that's part of my "problem". Again, the Home version of the software running on a pretty old PC is way, way faster and perfectly usable doing this, so this is disappointing to say the least. However, my problem is not just 3D mode. It seems like everything is "gummy" and the UI hangs up all of the time without telling you what is happening--the mouse just disappears. Based on the responses here, I have a bad feeling that you all are used to this :-(.
  11. I figured, but that doesn't explain why my new iMac is slow, or why the cheaper home version ran the exact same plan on the exact same hardware way faster :-(.
  12. This is related to my previous post about the Mac version. To review: 1. I had been using the Home verison for many years, and have recently upgraded to Chief to be compatable with my contractor, to get the goodies in the Pro version I've always wanted to play with, and to run on my Mac so I can finally unplug my PC forever. 2. I started running X6 on my iMac. It's about 2 years old and has 16GB of RAM. (3.4Ghz i7). It was a little buggy in the UI department (annoyances) but mostly it was just painfully slow to use. 3. I loaded X6 on my PC (thank you CA for your flexibile licensing!). It works faster on there (2.3 Ghz Q8200, 4GB RAM, 32 bit), but it's still annoyingly slow doing normal operations such as pulling up items in the library, or clicking on an object. The entire UI is "gummy" for the most part. I feel like I move around, then need to tap my fingers for 30 seconds, then move around some more, etc. This is way way slower than the same exact plan ran in HD 9.0, where I had no such problems. It's a little faster than on my Mac (!), but still really annoying. So my questions are: 1. Is this normal? Is the pro version just a ton slower than the home version? 2. Is X6 in particular a lot slower than previous versions? 3. Is there better hardware I can buy to make things fast enough to stop the annoying delays? Would a Mac Pro help a lot? (Helping a "little" isn't exactly worth $5k). 4. Is there a software update in our future which will make the program fast again? Thanks for your help.
  13. I have a 3.4Ghz iMac with 16GB of RAM. It's about 2 years old? I hope it's enough to run Chief... The problem is the slowness/hangs, along with clunkiness on the navigation (the mouse zooming when I don't want it to, and what happen to the scroll bars?). An example is brining up an object from the library, I get a ~20 second hang every time. The hangs are really difficult as they just hang up the whole system without any feedback as to what is happening. It doesn't appear to be a drastic problem--it just seems like the program needs a once-over for performance and general usuability. Not suprising considering how new it is. I have a fallback with my PC, so I'm fine with waiting a few more months until they fix it...
  14. I was excited I wouldn't have to use my old PC anymore, but the Mac version of X6 is basically unusuable as it's very slow and full of bugs. I had to switch back to my PC. When are they going to come out with a newer rev that fixes the bugs/slowness?