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  1. More likely, just a temporary lag while the 'NSA' was scanning your computer.... Bill
  2. I'm curious about what an 'anythinh' is.... Bill
  3. I have been using CA for 18+ years.... I have been on the forums since 1999, and have never found a more dedicated group of users. The list of users who have helped me over the years would take pages.. The program has indeed grown exponentially since 1996, but the forum is the 'glue' that keeps me updating my SSA... Thanks to everyone past, present, and future for giving their time and effort to the make this a better program! .
  4. This happens to me all the time! Sucks! Do what Kbird1 suggests, copy your reply to the "clipboard" before trying to post...
  5. Joe said he was "kidding"! From the amount of posts it is evident that this is an 'annoying' feature, and I agree it is a PITA! BTW, I like Ben's suggestion...
  6. What's the deal with that??? Making me not so anticipating the 'Android' version... But WTF!!! ('Winning the Future' ) , I run the full version on a Surface Pro 2, so no need for such nonsense... BTW, 'Apple Users' do get free 'cloud' storage for their room planner files...
  7. Glenn, once again you are spot on! A little adjustment and every thing is right! I have done this same technique on many an occasion... Thanks again Glenn for all your input!
  8. One post and you know the 'value' of posting a plan... +1 reputation point!
  9. Since you are having trouble with other programs, sounds like it is time to 'clean' up your computer... Get rid of those programs you never use, update all your drivers....then clean out all the 'internet crap', then clean out your registry, then defrag your hard drive. I love CCleaner, been using it for years... They also have a defrag utility: The free versions work great!
  10. Chief Architect does not provide any 'cloud' service I am aware of.... Ask your client to provide you a link via email to access the file to the 'cloud' service he/she is using....
  11. Maybe I'm not getting something here. What is being shown is a cantilevered overhang. The roof load is at the end of the ceiling joist creating a bending moment on the ceiling joist at the load bearing wall. It seems like this would not be a good idea for anything but very short roof spans. Seems like a better approach would be a support structure the places the direct load of the roof onto the load bearing wall instead of using a cantilever... Am I making any sense, or just blowing into the wind?
  12. I gave up on Adobe a long time ago. I use the free versions of 'CutePDF' and 'BullZip'. There are many more free ones out there that work just fine with 8.1....
  13. Scott, You don't need any 'frickin' reputation points to determine your value... You are indeed priceless.... Keep up the good work!
  14. Normally I am with you, but a little lost here, Can you clarify what you are saying...
  15. More like a 'fart'. It stinks!
  16. I just gave you one, Look at the members list.... Anyone who has a Surface Pro deserves a 'bump' in their reputation!
  17. An alternate e-mail is all that is needed to create another 'sign-on ID' on CA and booster your main ID's reputation points! That in itself renders the system inert, void, and worthless!
  18. Reputation points mean nothing, as I stated earlier you can easily assign 'yourself' with as many as you want!
  19. Reputation Points? Want some? With a little knowhow YOU can give them to yourself! It's so dang easy it is almost shameful!
  20. Every printer is unique as to margins, and other 'quirks' that just can't be resolved. I have beat this 'horse' to death over many a year trying to tailor a plan to a specific printer... I finally gave up and now print to PDF exclusively. I'm telling you, you will be much happier once you make the transition. Lew has it right on this one . It's only a few clicks more, but the satisfaction is priceless...
  21. Lew Somehow I missed your post. I 'could' swear it wasn't there when I replied. Here's to me looking 'stupid' with basically the same reply as the one you already posted. Bill
  22. See this thread:
  23. Running the 'Plan Check' Tool will restore manually deleted living areas. Just open/then close the Plan Check dbx. No muss, no fuss...