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  1. I use a molding on the top.. like a belly band, but a brick profile. Then I don't have to mess with any setting.
  2. Sometimes its the obvious things.. geez! Thanks Mark. That second floor was added after the fact.. so I must have missed something
  3. follow up, still a issue, but getting worse. As I move the railing out to adjust for size.. the hole gets bigger.
  4. got it.. a dumb cupola was taking a big chuck of the size. go figure! 951192931_RAILINGISSUE.plan
  5. Working a small addition above a carport to a small bungalow. The deck that will connect to stairs is causing me fits. Don't know why either. I've done a hundred of these things, but this is the first time the railing goes all the way through the exterior wall. Any ideas on how to correct? Side note, I am trying to attach plan but its says its too big.. ?? Even compressed and zipped. Nothing to this model either, since its a addon, just the shell of the existing house. Is there a step I am missing to reduce the size? No furniture, plants, fixtures so scratching my head on this.
  6. a cad block is the key. I had drawn the new muntin's.. but forgot to covert to a cad block. Once I did, the icon popped up.
  7. I get this every once in a while.. I just tab through it until it gets what I need. Something to do with molding like a belly band I believe..
  8. Never mind, I found it as soon as I hit send..
  9. Needing to do some custom muntin's, and found the how to, but not finding the "Load Muntins" button.. any ideas on where this is hidden?
  10. Hmm.. I can't answer your question. But do have one for you, which website are you building your new PC? I's like to check it out as well. This Alien is tapped out.
  11. That did it Chop thanks man!!! I typically ask on here first before going to tech.. It might be I am having a lapse of commons sense, which these guys are quick to point it out. :-) not a simple plan... very large file.
  12. Not really able to tell what the first picture is...
  13. Anyone know how to change the material of a sq. half post? I'm using cable as my "rail", so I need a piece at the end to connect to. I didn't want to cut a newel with cap in half.. wouldn't look right. I tried painting also (even though I don't like doing that) to no avail... I will have this scenario in many spots, so trying to avoid doing a poly solid.
  14. I couldn't agree more. I like the OOB you get with Twin, but if there is a change to the design, you have to start over pretty much anew. I am to the point now, and my wife will vouch.. because she hears me all the time, that I just provide regular camera views 99% of the time, no RT or PBR. PBR just doesn't work as easy as it should. Some of you guys out there are just experts and it comes naturally, it doesn't for me. Playing with textures is cool, but having to mess with lighting, OMG just kills my productivity. I'm not talking a fixture or too either, I'm talking sun angles and brightness, etc.. For example see my attached; the same ceiling material, the same exact material for both niches, the same lighting, yet.. well you will see. I shouldn't have to make it pitch black outside for this to be descent. I would love for Chief to focus on stairs, invisible walls, pony walls, and a whole list of architectural items to make our designs and construction packages even better, even just good quality renders even.. and provide a second party option to link with when we need to get more realistic. My clients love the realistic, but they won't pay for it, so lets keep it simple. I don't know if this was the OP original intent, but let the experts do what they do best and let Chief ARCHITECT do what they do best and figure out how to the TEAM the two with the least amount of effort.
  15. Pretty cool stairs.. IMO I guess it "overlaps" for structural reasons? Will be interesting to see the detail on this.
  16. Merry Christmas to all my fellow Chiefers and their families.
  17. The out of the box grass is dull for sure, have you looked a the "High Resolution Grass" in the Chief Library catalog (its free to download)? Much better grass, as they used to say in the 70's.
  18. Hey PM I've only had one commercial project come up like this, that would need input from other MEP designs.. but that church addition got put on hold when their preacher resigned to move back to TN. My plan was exactly like you mentioned though, you do your part as if your designing a home (except for any structural, electrical, hvac). Keeping in mind locations that would be needed for these things. Once done, pdf's and CAD files were going to be sent to the MEP teams, and the structural engineer, and they would draw their items up on their own borders. I was going to ask for their CAD files or STEP (if done in 3D) to load into my model, to show a more accurate model, but it never got that far. Because this required a lot of coordination, I had one POC (acting as a project manager). Don't know if this helps, but that's my only action with the bigger commercial projects. Where in FL are you? Always looking for a Chiefer close by..
  19. Hey there KJ, Because most ICF blocks are not a nominal width, some of your interior dims are going to be "interesting" for sure. I am assuming the interior will be wooden framed, so most will still be on the nom. side. As far as the alignment of both wall types, one thing to keep in mind, your going to have to center your stud over the concrete part of the ICF block, as it shows now, a good chunk of your frames wall is over the insulation. Second, what are the plans for the exterior of the ICF above grade, or are you just going to leave the foam insulation exposed? Thirdly, does 3/8" OSB really exist.? Something I've never saw before. Just asking for my own sakes. Check out Nudura or Fox websites I linked here. Lots of great example, and details-- esp. Nudura (whom I have used)
  20. I would be ecstatic if this was the quality I could get.
  21. See if I understand. You don't want the 3D object found in the "Man Cave No.1 Outdoorsman" catalog right? You want what's its pictured in your post? Well, if that's the case, your half way there with the image.
  22. Are you looking to buy the plans (pdf files) or the actual CA files? Would this require that you own them outright and I could not sell also? Just a couple quick questions that popped into my head.