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  1. This worked pretty well. Thank you all. This job didn't have the budget to spend hours on hours just on the hood. I think I got it close though so moving on....
  2. Ah.. medallions... at least a good starting point. Thx gents
  3. What are these? Are they fancy pilasters mounted on drawers and shelves.. My client wants to duplicate as much as possible, but I have no clue what they are even called. And does Chief have these?
  4. I'm impressed they arrived yesterday and are already installed with snow... But to answer your question, I don't spec out Pella's either so I have no idea.
  5. Hey Mark, thanks for giving me the resolution thumbs up yesterday, however it looks like Glen, Steve, Ryan and Chop actually gave you the correct resolution. One of them should get the credit. I'm glad they figured it out for ya! I'd def be interested in the two methods (pdf's) you mentioned. How can I find these?
  6. BTW, nice perfect wall! I see it all the time being used on The Build Show!
  7. Hey Mark, Its been a long day on my end, so I hope I am understanding your question. Are you trying to get what I showed in the attached?? If so, Roof Plane Specifications, Options> Cut : square
  8. Very finicky point, esp. with Chiefs pony walls. You'll have to turn that plumbing wall to meet the pony wall. I put in a room divider wall to locate the glass pony, then turned the shower wall angled to match. As you can see I only could do about 4" min. before it reverts back to how you had originally.
  9. Looks like a couple up your upper walls are not aligned with walls below. Then you will need to fix any gaps by adjusting by editing wall layers
  10. Have you tried putting all the roofs on the same level? If I am understanding the issue... determine the level you want all planes, select and move each accordingly with the arrows highlighted on the attached. It wont mess your model up either.. I did not open your model to see if this was the issue..
  11. Oh.. I missed reading this in Ryan's comments. I thought the same thing but didn't know if there was a reason you had to have the beams. Some clients like that look for instance. With Ian and Michael, yeah everything is going up on pilings that are within the eye sight of the gulf. The two I'm working now, for here in Panacea FL., are zone "VE" EL 20. That's a lot of stairs man. :-) Keep up the good work dude!
  12. So what did you end up doing Rob for the original question? Been doing a lot of pier houses as of late myself.
  13. From OOTB kitchen and bath pull down, not that I could ever do. Easy to do with a poly though..
  14. Like Ryan and Jeff suggested, 3D Warehouse have some, BUT what I have found and tend to use quite a bit is located in Chiefs Bonus Catalog, Backyard Ponds and Water Features. In this folder, under Pre-configured Ponds, is a Koi Pond Block. It has various rocks and shapes. I explode it and use the rocks where I need them.. No harm to the Koi BTW...
  15. For those of us who like spreadsheets, here is a excel spreadsheet for trig. I use this all the time. I saved this copy just for you all. CHIEFTRIG.xlsx
  16. I thought with X14 you can change/replace with Material Painter? I saw the vid on hardware (the one showing X14 improvements). Honestly, I haven't tried it, just remember seeing it.
  17. I have no idea... always have used a 3D mouse... so anything else would be like driving in England. How do you normally do walk throughs, with arrows? I'm sure you can still pick that pull down, try it.. Let me know.
  18. Once I start my walkdown (I use a 3DConnection mouse too so its more smooth, left hand), I click (with my regular mouse, right hand) on that pull down so the pause button is always on top.. I pause for doors, changing directions or rooms.. Am I ready for Hollywood, no way.. but it communicates what I need to show.
  19. two buttons down from the record button pull down.
  20. You will see this a lot, ESPECAILLY at railing or invisible wall to a normal wall intersections at a corner. One of top things IMO that needs fixed. You can fix it manually by using the "Edit Walls Layer Intersection" icon. Bottom toolbar, has a two blue walls connecting with a red arrow. You will need to pick each wall most likely, adjust by dragging the grips.
  21. Hi Emma... I do open doors via Chief walk trough vid. How I do it is once I start my walkthrough and approach a door, I pause the recording, open (or close) that door, then un pause and keep on walking.. works perfectly. door