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  1. I was thinking you already had a "A" size border (template). Its real easy to create one, if you don't have one (like Chop mentions). Once that is set, then you can do what I originally suggested to set the size to print.
  2. File - Print - Drawing Sheet Setup
  3. That building is beautiful Mark. You should be proud to have this honor. How old is this building? I love the brick work and rafter tails. If I had a better system, I would look at this scan.. I'm afraid that would max me out.
  4. Yeah, that's what he's getting. :-) I was hoping I could just do a couple elevation views of the windows already in the model, but spent more time trying to figure that out than what it took do to draw as a cad detail. All done, drawing set is done as well, on to then next design.
  5. Looking at this as we speak (I mean type). Looks like I will need to refresh my computer knowledge, a lot of options.
  6. Since when could we have Chief on split monitors? Are you building your own system Doug? I wish I had the know-how AND time to do that myself. My system is like your old one, I am really bogged down. I had to take Dropbox off the C drive to gain space, and the only thing I have is Chief really.. and I am still constantly running out of disc space.. which means SLOW. I was looking at another OOB system, like my Alien, and prices have come down, but still up there. But something has to give here and I will need to have faith and just do it. Besides vid card my biggest thing I'm going to want is 2TB and 2TB. Are peeps still having issues with Windows 11 and Chief?
  7. I definitely agree, anything profiled that is called out would have issues at the time of install, for one, like you mentioned, each manufacture is different. In this case, it is flat stock (Chiefs CA-001 and CS-05). But he wants it detailed for every circumstance. Transom over window (mulled), double window (mulled), single window, doors, etc. I don't need to dim the profile of the lintel in this case, but he wants widths, lengths and extension showed.
  8. Hwy Cheifers, How do you guys/gals detail casings on doors and windows? I have a builder whom wants these detailed for a high end house (interior and exterior), and we have these shown on section views.. typical window, typical door, etc. But even with every box checked in the the dim defaults, I am not able to grab and dimension accurately. I really don't want to draw these out by hand in a cad detail. So I am asking, you the pro's.
  9. Interesting comments for sure.. we all have our methods I guess.. I am anal on this, but that's just me. When I worked Catia (piping) for all those years at Newport News Shipbuilding, we designed to the millions of an inch for the Catia test to run, of course we built to the 1/4".. lol. So I joke about that often. But that was instilled in my head, all these years later. Plus with working with inventor, you had to be very accurate as well. And with Chief's "Temporary Dims" checked, it just makes it easy to zero it in.
  10. Hey gents, I tried both, of course I had to change the defaults, but that's ok. I will update my default temp-plate as well. And as mentioned, the PTP does leave parkers (I hate markers TBH), plus they don't move with a change. I did use the ETE and I'm good with it. Thanks Eric, Thanks Dermont. See two others besides me here on a late Sunday night. :-) Curious though, when do you use a PTP dimension? Thinking about it, I've never had used it. I've always used the ETE and hold the control button down when I need something not vert or horiz.
  11. Ok.. burning the candle on both ends as of late, so I need a refresher. I cannot figure out how to set the dimensions to measure the countertop width. I have gone through and updated the default dimension settings at "Locate Manual", "Locate End to End" all of them, and checked countertop. My obvious fix is to draw a line and dimension to that.. which I do not want to do. I know one of you guys have it on the top of your head. Its always the little things... Spring has sprung here in sunny Florida!
  12. Curious.. what would a dormer on a flat roof look like?
  13. Are you using Chief Premier? Just type in ADA in your library browser, you will get a everything you need to do this bathroom.
  14. The ICF walls have a built in brick ledge
  15. I've never seen one specifically. But I would just do a molding and lay it against the existing exterior foam, to get that ledge. Use this method, just model a molding p-line
  16. Im thinking mine would look like that after a couple of days with these 3 hairy dogs always around, but that EVGA Chopped linked was cool. Hey Rob, you liking that new Alien? I didn't buy one last year because delivery was way out there and I thought we would have been while I was out of town...
  17. Heck your right in the hood where Chief is headquartered I think... "Coeur d'Alene, ID", so if you drink the water, it will come natural to you. Looks good and the cranking the Van Halen adds some attitude.. love that song. Good luck...
  18. Your fans are probably kicking in...
  19. Hi Glenn, Yes sir, this is what I did. Your talking rotate with this "grip" or whatever its called.. right? (circled in red)
  20. Thanks Perry.. Beta for 14 is taking apps, maybe it will be in the new version.
  21. How do I get my NOTE balloons to rotate with the plan, when "rotate with plan" is checked and still not working.
  22. I love team building meetings...
  23. Its easier to do this in Twinmotion.. I had a similar request last year.
  24. I use a molding on the top.. like a belly band, but a brick profile. Then I don't have to mess with any setting.