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  1. ddaigle

    Need help creating roof lines

    Hi There, I can definitely help you out as well. I sent you a PM. Kindly, Dru
  2. Hi Scott, I can definitely help with your project. I sent you a PM. Thanks, Dru
  3. ddaigle

    Matterport to As-Built

    Hi There, I sent you a PM. Hoping to do business together. Cheers, Dru
  4. Hi, Happy to help on this one. I have sent a PM. Cheers, Dru
  5. ddaigle

    Thick Exterior wall with Recessed Door

    Thanks Guys. Yeah .. I don't want to mess around with the wall layers. Simon, I like your idea about the 2-way swing. I didn't want to reverse swing direction entirely. That helps offset the 3D view.
  6. ddaigle

    Thick Exterior wall with Recessed Door

    Never Mind ... Client is happy with Finished Door Jamb.
  7. ddaigle

    Thick Exterior wall with Recessed Door

    Nope .... that didn't seem to help, but thanks anyways.
  8. ddaigle

    Thick Exterior wall with Recessed Door

    Hi Don, Thanks for the response. No I didn't, but when I do that, it just frames the recessed area.
  9. Hi There, I'm modeling a home with thick foundation walls. My exterior doors are recessed (even though I haven't selected recessed into wall in the door options). I don't want the door to be recessed, but instead flush with the exterior surface. How do I do this? Thank you!!
  10. ddaigle

    Help designing kitchen cabinet layout

    Hi Michael, Has someone helped you with this yet? I can offer services if you're still looking for help. Cheers,
  11. ddaigle

    rectangular floodlights

    It can be, but might look funny, as it tilts up. It looks like it is meant to be installed in the ground. Sorry about that. I found a free one in Sketchup's 3D warehouse. I've attached here. You can import it into Chief, size it to your liking, and change the color as well. If you want it to light up, you can add a light source to it. 100W+LED+Flood+Light.skp
  12. ddaigle

    rectangular floodlights

    Hi There, You can find one in the Bonus Catalog - Lighting No. 05 Deck and Path.
  13. ddaigle

    Garden bed edging...totally stuck

    Hi There, Have you tried around over your garden bed with the 'spline terrain curb'? You can adjust the height and width of the curb. If you are wanting a cap stone detail as well, you can copy/paste hold your new curb and convert to a polyline solid. You can play around with different materials to get the look your after. Hope this helps. Dru
  14. ddaigle

    Plan Design Support

    Hi Rich, II can help you out, and am current with the latest release. Have a look at my website to see some other projects that I have worked on. www.hg3d.ca Hope that we can do business together. Cheers, Dru Daigle dru@daigleng.com
  15. ddaigle

    Draftsperson wanted

    Hi Carly, I'm interested in picking up a few more projects. I live in Ontario, Canada, but have worked virtually, and successfully on many projects that span time-zones. Please visit my website or Houzz profile to see some of the projects that I've worked on. https://www.houzz.com/pro/hg3d/__public www.hg3d.ca I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, and hoping that we can do business together. Kindly, Dru Daigle Designer | HG3D