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  1. ddaigle

    Help designing kitchen cabinet layout

    Hi Michael, Has someone helped you with this yet? I can offer services if you're still looking for help. Cheers,
  2. ddaigle

    rectangular floodlights

    It can be, but might look funny, as it tilts up. It looks like it is meant to be installed in the ground. Sorry about that. I found a free one in Sketchup's 3D warehouse. I've attached here. You can import it into Chief, size it to your liking, and change the color as well. If you want it to light up, you can add a light source to it. 100W+LED+Flood+Light.skp
  3. ddaigle

    rectangular floodlights

    Hi There, You can find one in the Bonus Catalog - Lighting No. 05 Deck and Path.
  4. ddaigle

    Garden bed edging...totally stuck

    Hi There, Have you tried around over your garden bed with the 'spline terrain curb'? You can adjust the height and width of the curb. If you are wanting a cap stone detail as well, you can copy/paste hold your new curb and convert to a polyline solid. You can play around with different materials to get the look your after. Hope this helps. Dru
  5. ddaigle

    Plan Design Support

    Hi Rich, II can help you out, and am current with the latest release. Have a look at my website to see some other projects that I have worked on. www.hg3d.ca Hope that we can do business together. Cheers, Dru Daigle dru@daigleng.com
  6. ddaigle

    Draftsperson wanted

    Hi Carly, I'm interested in picking up a few more projects. I live in Ontario, Canada, but have worked virtually, and successfully on many projects that span time-zones. Please visit my website or Houzz profile to see some of the projects that I've worked on. https://www.houzz.com/pro/hg3d/__public www.hg3d.ca I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, and hoping that we can do business together. Kindly, Dru Daigle Designer | HG3D
  7. ddaigle


    Hi David, I can convert your files for you. My rates are very reasonable. You can have a look at some of my work on houzz, or on my website. https://www.houzz.com/pro/hg3d/__public Hoping to do business together. Dru Daigle Designer | HG3D www.hg3d.ca dru@daigleng.com
  8. ddaigle

    Residential Drawing help in Oakville, Ontario

    Hi Derek, I'm proficient with Chief, and live just an hour North of you. You can see some of my portfolio on my website: www.hg3d.ca You can contact me at dru@daigleng.com Cheers, Dru
  9. ddaigle

    Perspective full overview camera

    Do we have to do this every time we open a perspective overview? Is there a way that we can make it default, and avoid the extra step? When taking exterior shots, I prefer the crop mode. Thanks, Dru
  10. Hi There, I've been using Chief products for almost 9 years now. I'm a freelancer working from home and provide affordable services to design specialists, home builders, and home owners throughout North America. I'm currently looking to take on some extra projects. You can have a look at my portfolio on my website at: www.hg3d.ca I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Kindly Dru Daigle Designer | HG3D dru@daigleng.com
  11. ddaigle

    X6 Crashing

    chkdsk clean ... no malware ... will have to get a can of air ... hopefully that's the culprit. Thx again Doug.
  12. ddaigle

    X6 Crashing

    Doug ... Thanks for the link to Memtest. I did try this diagnostic (good exercise). Memory is fine. Thought I would try reinstalling X6 to see if anything magical would happen. Well ... not quite magical, but interesting results. Before my reinstall, my raytrace experiences were getting progressively worse, to the point where every file I tried to raytrace would fail after the 2nd or 3rd pass (interior or exterior .. didn't matter). After my reinstall, I tested the same files, and was able to raytrace most of them without incident (I only ran to 10 passes for the test). One of my files crapped out, not the first time ... but the second time I tried to raytrace it. I tried a third time, and had no incident. Except for Outlook, I didn't have any other applications open at the time, so nothing is competing with Chief. I don't get it. I have a bad feeling, that after a few days, I will start to see more occurrences of failures again ... but time will tell. Still have a ticket open with Support ... will send an update if any progress is made.
  13. ddaigle

    X6 Crashing

    Just wanted to update those following this thread ... I thought the windows updates were the answer ... BUT ... they were not. I've submitted a ticket with support. X6 raytrace has been getting progressively worse on my machine. It is now failing on every raytrace of every file (whether I'm using photon mapping or not). Sometimes it fails ... and other times, I get the blue screen of death. I went back to X5 and tried raytracing there without issue. I know it's not file specific, as I tried raytracing the same file in X6 (as I did in X5), and failed. I more than meet the hardware requirements for this software ...so am stumped ... and frustrated, because I will have to go back to X5 and work there until we can figure out this problem. Don't really want to rebuild my machine ... Pain in the butt!!
  14. ddaigle

    X6 Crashing

    I ran all of my windows updates .. and have great improvement. For the plan I attached in my previous post, I am now able to run my raytrace (without caustics turned on) without the raytrace stopping, or my computer crashing. Caustics on ... still causes a problem for this file ... but not my other files. Am wondering if it's because there are too many windows?
  15. ddaigle

    X6 Crashing

    That's interesting Ian. I just looked ... I have 64 optional updates that have not been installed! ... Do you know which 4 you installed so that I don't have to install all 64? That would be most helpful.