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  1. Have you ascertained that the boxed eave is checked on all the roof return planes? It's probably a duh question, but I have to ask.
  2. I don't think that will solve the missing soffit though.
  3. I mean to make a stair symbol to recreate the above-mentioned bottom tread it would be difficult as each stair set is different.
  4. That's tough since every staircase has a different rise and run. I understand it's super difficult to program something like that. Thus far I've relied on photos rather than rendering the actual stair. It's frustrating! I'd put it in the suggestions forum if I were you.
  5. Is it a manual or automatic return?
  6. I see! That's a much better method. I simply did it manually. Once I'd done the left half I copied and reflected about the center object. My method would have resulted in hair pulling if there'd been more than a couple of p-solids to manipulate. Thanks again for the lesson!
  7. I followed your instructions! Although, I couldn't figure out the part about a point marking the radius and using the Transform/Replicate to copy and rotate the p-solid about the point. I thought I had a good handle on that tool, but apparently not. Thank you so much!
  8. Thanks so much for your help. This is the idea I had in the middle of the night, and now I'm able to show my client, thanks to you!
  9. I've got it! But Eric, I like the way yours looks better. Would you mind posting the plan? If not, I understand. Thanks so much!
  10. Thanks, Eric! I'm going to try today. I really appreciate this!
  11. Eric, would you mind explaining your steps? I'm having a difficult time getting molding lines to generate in elevation view, which is where I assume you did this? Please?
  12. There's also and to modify about anything. I've found some useful, realistic textures in both places.
  13. Although the molding will only be 1/2" thick, I assume what I'm attempting is to coffer a barrel ceiling. I've tried with ceiling planes and with polyline solid. I prefer the look of the p solid because the arch can be much more fluid if I break the arch (see close up of yucky barrel just below the more fluid one). Either way, I can't figure out how to apply molding to either so it matches the arch. Heck, I wish I could just apply cabinet doors to form the arch. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. LANZA KITCHEN 01.plan
  14. When I opened the Layer Set Options on the RCP in Layout, it shows Layer Set 38. It could be that each time you've sent to Layout you've made a copy of the Active Layout Set, rather than sending the Default Set. See graphic.
  15. Speaking of cloning. My response... So, ?
  16. You mean rather than running cables to an SSD, I'd actually purchase an m.2 drive, plug it into a PCIe slot, clone it, and have a faster system?
  17. Asus PRIME H370M-PLUS/CSM LGA1151/ Intel. Does this sound right?
  18. Which means nothing to me. Next time, I'll be asking for advice.