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  1. That makes sense. But I wonder if solely an engineer's stamp is sufficient, or if I need to engage an architect as well.
  2. I've been asked to design a kitchen in Wellington. It requires removing a non-bearing wall and cutting the slab to move plumbing. I've been told that it will need an architect or engineer stamp. Here in Indiana that is not necessary. Can anyone shed light on what the requirements may be?
  3. The plan is too big to attach but here's a link for anyone willing to take a look.
  4. That makes sense. It may have something to do with the sun. I dialed it back and it's improved. However, some of the walls this happens to are interior walls. It's even happening with some casing.
  5. Anyone have an idea why some walls glow in the dark? I think it's happened before but it's a mystery. All the wall types and materials are the same for all the walls but some look like they're emitting light. It's odd.
  6. If you want different pitches you'll have to specify them in each plane (or group select). If you use the automatic roof plane tool they will all be the same unless you select the ones you don't want to have automatically changed by checking the Manual Roof Plane radio button. Then Chief will leave them alone.
  7. Eric and David and Glenn, thank you so much! I really appreciate your responses and your dedication to helping. Solved!
  8. Hi all, I thought I'd have an easy handle on this but I'm a bit stumped. This entire existing house is two stories. The proposed family room is currently a courtyard. I want to enclose it and put a one-story family room with a roof that drains to the one outside corner. I'd rather avoid an internal drainage system because I don't think it's necessary. But for the life of me, I can't figure out how to draw the roof pitches. I'd probably do a 1/12 pitch because of the second-floor windows that look out onto the current courtyard. I'd be grateful for your suggestions. I posted the entire pan in case anyone wants a closer look. Untitled
  9. Thanks for the replies. I guess the short answer is no to automation. Too bad. It would make for incredible marketing videos.
  10. That sounds like a perfect solution. May I borrow your offspring?
  11. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel here. Anyone know the best way to record the cross-section slider without it being jerky? From a single vantage point I want to show a house being rendered from the ground up in 10 seconds, but using the slider manually it looks jerky, even when spreading the slider over the entire screen. I seem to recall a method that will automate this, but I can't find it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks, Dermot. That's what I did. I hadn't known that hardware and millwork can't inherently be placed in a schedule. Is there a reason for this? At least for hardware?
  13. It must be a Manufacturer Library issue. There's no option to include it in a schedule. In this case, it's a Delta grab bar. Unfortunate, as the Chief grab bars are hideous for residential design.
  14. Anyone know the simplest way to create a schedule that includes hardware? I'm trying to add manufacturer's grab bars to a fixture schedule, but I see no place to add it or to create a custom schedule that includes hardware.
  15. Sometimes I swear my brain just stops working. Thanks so much, Michael.
  16. I'm stumped. I thought in past versions we simply loaded patterns into the Patterns folder. Now that ability is gone. Any suggestions?
  17. In previous versions there were folders from which we would choose pattern files. There seemed to be many more than what currently reside in the library. Now our only choices are the patterns in the library.
  18. Fort Wayne is a hike to attend regular meetings like we use to have in Indy, which were once a month for a few years.
  19. For what it's worth. I've specified Solatubes and Velux Sun Tunnels. The Solatubes provide more light, which I suspect is because of their patent on the collector element. The first time, it was for a large log home that had been constructed from 4 small log homes and was depressingly dark. The change was dramatic. I've had them in my own home's interior rooms in Indiana and love them. No condensation issues or leaks, and no maintenance so far after 8 years.
  20. Please add that to the thread in Suggestions!