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  1. Have done a number of RCC projects in Fl. Keys. Feel free to call me to discuss further Bob 973-897-5013
  2. I encounter this when I do Technical Illustration 3D views Goes away if I change to Standard or Physically Based Ray Trace
  3. Sounds interesting. Construction plans are my specialty; not a sideline. Experienced for many years as a custom builder/remodeler, designer and a framer/carpenter. I've been using Chief for over 20 years. " I create plans that help my clients get bids & permits quicker in addition to lowering construction costs and increasing profits. Click below to see a sample .. "
  4. One thing I do is increase the line weight so everything is easier to see Also make sure facia heights on the adjacent roof planes are same ..
  5. Maybe framing needs to be updated ( re-built ) ?
  6. Send me the plan file
  7. Wow 2X6 Oak Floor Joists ? Are they part of an exposed beam ceiling below ? Just curious ..
  8. Hi Randy: Love to discuss. I do small jobs ( decks, porches, outdoor spaces ) as well as larger projects, Below is a sample house plan but it illustrates the fact that my work includes cost estimates, drafting/design, and 3D client friendly renderings & video walk arounds. " The only construction plan sets that are created to secure permits quicker, increase builder profits and help save money on building costs. Click below to see an example ..... " ICF DESIGNS Bob Shofner 910-398-8673 - Office 973-897-5013 - Cell
  9. What happens if you set your Primary Format to 0 ?