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  1. basketballman

    Seeking Plan/Layout Review

    P.M sent ..
  2. basketballman

    Subfloor Framing

    May be time to PTF .. ( post the file )
  3. basketballman

    recomended video card

    RTX - 2080i is the latest but a bit pricey
  4. Sales-marketing video brochures for builders and remodelers .. From your Chief plan or one of our templates. Samples below: Use on: Website, e-mail signature, social media, etc. Watch business/sales go up. Bob Shofner RMSDESIGNBUILDSERVICES.COM 305-922-2919 - Office 973-897-5013 - Cell
  5. " Let me throw my hat in the ring ... " Sent P.M.
  6. basketballman

    Plan finalization and generation of builders plans

    P.M. sent ..
  7. basketballman

    groupe francais region estrie montreal

    Not sure what this says, but perhaps you would do better in English, since 99.9 + % of people that use this site speak it
  8. basketballman

    Graph Paper - we've got it, please use it!

    Probably enough to build a few houses ...
  9. basketballman

    Reversing plan - advice on process?

  10. basketballman

    Chief Designer Needed Full Time or Freelance

    P.M. sent
  11. basketballman

    Seeking CA Training & Design Services

    Sent P.M.
  12. basketballman

    Cupola .. ?

    I thought there used to be a Cupola in lib. Any one know it's whereabouts .. ?