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  1. Thank you for the search tip. And otherwise I'm talking about the User Catalog - I didn't make that clear. I used to be able to drag and drop and rearrange items in the User Catalog. Now I can't do a thing with it.
  2. I'm sorry, but I hate the changes that were made to the library browser in X15. The folder system - it's all so difficult for me to navigate and find items. When I want change the material for an object in my plan, I'll do a search like I used to, and will not pull up the material I'm looking for. Like "Color - White". I still have to hunt and scroll down a list of none relevant materials til - "there it is"!! Hide and seek game, you know!! And in the library folder panel, how in tarnation am I supposed to rearange existing library objects and/or move them to a different folder??? It won't let me drag and drop! Please tell me there's and easy tip that I'm overlooking and I'll eat my humble pie. Thanks.
  3. This has been very helpful - yes, that's what I was looking for. Thank you I have X15 installed but scared to start a new house plan on it before some more bugs get worked out. But I'm excited about the new features. Russ
  4. Your drawings are cool - that's what I wanted. But I guess I'm too dense. I cannot find the setting in X14 for the railing offset.
  5. Sorry Brad, I think I hijacked your original post about the conflicts. My post was a bit different. I am with you on those exact conflicts as well. Russ
  6. YES PLEASE!! I face this on every house I draw. Porch slabs around here almost always overhang the foundation walls by 1.5", and are poured on TOP of the porch walls AND are sloped. When there are large stone pillars for porch posts, then I oversize the foundation walls below to make a larger slab up above, but still the porch cap itself overhangs the walls approx 1.5". Thank you Chief for watching these suggestions. Russ PS The porch step railing has been talked about - I believe. Wish I could offset the railing as well as the post.
  7. Thank you!! SO simple!!! Don't know why I've missed that little trick.
  8. I've been tediously going through my entire list of doors and windows and changing the trim width for each job I draw (if it's different than my template). I click on each door type and window in the Default Settings. Is there a way to globally change all of them at the same time? I thought I read somewhere that this would be an option on one of the last versions.