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  1. I bought these years ago. Was super skeptical if they would work but rolled the dice as they were cheap and I had Prime. The reviews were very good. I put a Full’s set in about a month ago for my Brother and works like a charm. Same single set for my printer is over $100 at staples. This was a set of 4 each bought 3 years ago. They sell for other printers too.
  2. Thanks Mark. A custom build and or modify like HIDe might be the way to go. I know their reputation is good but that piecemeal add stuff drives me nuts. Still might be a good way to go. I just need to hone my wants and ask them to tell me how wrong I am. Raid 0 ? Very familiar and possibly performance bump in most cases but I hate splitting the drives in a laptop where I’d only have up to two. Really like a clean Drive with OS/programs and other drive just files. I think SSD’s are plenty fast enough for CA and there really isn’t an excessive R/W going on. Curious your reasons. I like the possibility of a socket motherboard where it “might” be upgradable for cpu/gpu in future. That’s the biggest bonus to HIDe with a custom build. Thanks !!
  3. Here is something close but not quite up there. No Thunderbolt. Otherwise this would be great. Hate scumming through all the gammer talk for these computers.
  4. Not sure. I think I e found a few sub $2K already but a big chuck of that. I can go higher but still need to shop it. Happy with any advice anyone cares to share. I can be persuaded on some but not all my requirements. Biggest thing is future proof for about 5 years. The Thunderbolt helps there a lot. What is contact information for Mark?
  5. Thanks Mick. I did look at your links earlier and honestly had never actually heard of MSI. I will keep looking at those. My requirements, in part, are a laptop to be mobile. Thunderbolt 3 minimum 1 port but 2 would be nice. Dual drives,both SSD with 500 Gb OS ad 1 Tb data. That is nogotialble if laptop allows me to change them out. I really have had good luck with the Samsung EVO’s. 16 MB Ram with option to 32 or more. I like the NVIDIA GPUs and likely going with that at about 6gb. Still looking at these and not sure which series yet. Processor is still be looked at but i7 and fast minimum. I have had great luck on ASUS computers and looking hard at the ROG’s. Thats the start. Like to keep at or under $2000 but could go higher if I need to. The thunderbolt is a deal breaker. Must have for me.
  6. Thanks Mick. I've never even heard of MSI Leopard computers? I'll take a look at the links you provided. I need to study up on what I want, but a lot of it I know would be required. Thanks again
  7. Mick, Thanks and I had thought of that. I had not recently looked at the "minimum" requirements CA suggests though. I've already been considering a new computer. For me, it will always have to be a laptop as I can't (refuse to be) be tied to one location. I've thought about reviewing what laptops folks on here are using now, for X10, and how they have performed. I know that will be a big hit as gaming type computers are pricey.
  8. Thanks again Eric. I probably will do so as getting too far behind with the software has other issues as well. Like seeing what others can see with their versions.
  9. Eric, Thank you sir !! Clearly I had a lot of errors. Among many, it seems that the second floor and having the attic walls off were the biggest. The video was terrific and helped me see what you were finding and how to fix. The amount of time I can spend with CA, which I really enjoy using, is limited anymore with what I'm doing now. I need to force myself to draw more, to better utilize and understand it for the times I do use it. I have not updated the program in about 2-3 years. Do you think X10 is a worthwhile upgrade from X-7? I suspect there are some things that are improved, but uncertain if things that might matter to me. Thanks again Eric. Very informative and helpful !!!!
  10. Thanks Eric, As I have no idea what you changed to make it work, I'm still where I was. The second floor was added as I was told/read somewhere to add that where there is a full, giant open attic over entire footprint of house. Has a box truss so very open up there. Is that wrong? Back years ago, when I was more active with CA, the word from many is to learn how to manually draw roofs. So I tried that. I have watched a variety of videos on the auto build, or combination of auto and manual, but often have more problems that way. I think I had the gables called correctly on walls and roof, but evidently not.
  11. Hey Folks, This is a plan I've had for a while and never successfully gotten roof correct. I'm about to do several additions, so hopeful I can get this baseline as-built correct. Roof is close, but not completely correct and unable to figure out why. The attached PDF shows the areas of concern. The large hole in siding, front of house, I suspect has to do with there not being a wall under that entire area? The other issues, no idea. Last, every attempt to get the little roof over bay window really whacks things up, so its missing here. Other than a very simple rectangle building I've rarely had luck with automatic roofs. This is manually drawn. Any ideas, suggestions much appreciated. Thanks, Keith Plan at link below: with Terrain roof problems.plan?dl=0 As-Built with Terrain.pdf
  12. Thanks Michael, Don't think that is the case here. My best guess is that the water edge is/was a guestimate. Google Earth shows the side lines and street frontage are pretty close. This property has changed hands only 3 times since 1949 and it appears nobody bothered to get an accurate survey done.
  13. Thanks Richard, The original survey was in1949 and that seems to be the case with all the lots on this peninsula. I have spoken to the county land management person and she has nothing. Very back woods here in S. Maryland. The most recent survey was 1986, but they noted that they were providing this per original deed description. I'll try to get neighbors plats quietly as no sense in getting them stirred up thinking there is a property dispute. There isn't. That and get owner to get another survey done.
  14. Thanks Chopsaw. I'm already trying to track down the neighbor surveys but expect that this entire area was initially surveyed at the same time (1949) and my bet is they contain exact same information. Will be interesting to see. Thanks again !!
  15. Richard, Mick and Chopsaw. Thanks for your replies. I agree that there "might" be ten legs as they show two seemingly unaccounted for pins. The odd thing is that they appear on a straight leg of the two (north and south) longest legs? I had not noticed prior to original post, but there is a note on this PLAT referring to the fact that this was taken from a "deed description" and original survey dated Aug 10, 1949. This survey was done in 1986. I guess I'm curious that if there is a known error, they simply say, "oh well"?? Why would it not be resolved at that time? This is a sealed engineered survey (1986) by a professional company. I think the only way this "might" be resolved is via another survey. I found several of the pins, so at least some still exist. Given when this first survey was done (1949) the accuracy of the survey was questionable when I saw all the very round numbers, and seemingly "convenient" bearings that are too low accuracy. No seconds, for example on any leg. Last, given this is a water front property, and tidal too, the water bearings may always have been guesses. Way easier for the guys in 1949 that way. Thanks again guys !!!