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  1. Is there a way to keep the inside AND outside lights on in this view? I can manage to do one or the other depending on where I start my camera view. This was drawn in X10, but I do have X12. If it matters. Thanks
  2. When I send a floor plan drawn at a scale to 1/2" = 1' and send it to a layout page with a scale of 1/4" = 1' the size of the dimension line numbers are just too small. How can I increase the size of the dimension line numbers on the layout view? Thanks
  3. I'm embarrassed to admit that I have no idea what annotation sets are, let alone what the correct one is to use. It's not something I use. I'll take a look at some training videos about them.
  4. Ahh. I get it now. I'd never touched those settings before in the Layout Box Specification area. Very nice indeed. Thank you for your assistance.
  5. I found an old thread on the original Chief Talk forums that had a pretty good workaround: The only thing about this that didn't work for me is the send to layout with the snap to active cad point checked. So I simply made my original cad box the same size as my layout sheet and did a point move on the layout box to the layout sheet corner.
  6. I found an old post that mentioned this method as well, but the problem is that you can't snap to a wall edge for example when in Layout and point move it to a CAD point for alignment. So that doesn't work for me....or I'm doing something wrong.
  7. I'm a bit confused about this method. Do you have a video of this?
  8. Is there a way to align a foundation, first floor, second floor, etc. on layout pages? Each floor has its own page. I send the floor to layout view, but the floor plans are never in the same position on the page. I have to have them in the same place on the page for each level of the home, but can't figure out how to align them from page to page. Thanks
  9. Thanks, everyone for the suggestions. All good.
  10. Does anyone have the scale bar library item for 1/4" = 1' and 1/2" = 1'? I'm having a helluva time trying to figure out this simple little thing on my own. Maybe there is a tutorial out there about how to manipulate the "full scale" library symbol to make it into whatever you need? Thanks for helping.
  11. Did I stump the forum? Is there not a setting to do this? Thanks.
  12. Is there a setting for limiting the reach of temporary dimensions? Trying to move windows or doors in a small, tight room can be difficult when the temporary dimensions reach and pick up other things on the other side of the room.
  13. Some kind of bug I guess. I have it too. If the camera is saved you can close it and reopen it and it should be back to normal again.
  14. Thank you. I think they need to rename that feature to "remove annoying wall line cutouts in the ceiling plane".