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  1. Also a good workaround. This might be the better option, as we would be saving the time from drawing and converting to Solid AND changing the material. Thanks Mark!
  2. This is true but we always look for efficiencies on plans. This was one that popped up. Something that we do quite a bit and don't think about, but someone was wondering "Why do we have to do that? Can't we just set the default to White, which is what we change it to 99% of the time?" We started digging into it and came to the conclusion that we don't think there's anywhere to change it. When we're drawing upwards of 400 plans a year, even a 10 second thing adds up.
  3. Ok, I've looked and can't find where I can change the general 3D shapes settings. I want to change them so that they default to White rather than concrete. This includes polyline solids. Can anyone help me out?
  4. The problem with Chief's version of "VR" is that it's just a picture... We have a solution that works fairly well for virtually walking through your house. Requires outside software and HTC Vive, but still works. Would love for Chief to be able to interact with a house through VR.
  5. Hmm...interesting. I'd just use a 3" wide base cabinet that was 3/4" deeper than the others. It would also have no doors or drawers on it. But I haven't graduated to using schedules yet. I agree with Mark, though, if you want it how it would be built in real life.
  6. Because there could be other reasons why it's not working, and we'll just mostly be guessing. But I'm going to try and guess here for you...try clicking on the rainbow tool, and then click on the siding. Now in the dialog box that pops up click on the heading "Texture" on the left side. Under that setting, you can change the X or Y scaling to match what your pattern height is. If you're good at math, you'll be able to figure out how what you need to change it to exactly.
  7. Just an update, I submitted a ticket to Tech Support. It was something that was corrupt in the .ini folder located in C:/Program Data/Chief Architect Inc folder. I was advised to close CA, delete the X9.ini file and restart. It appears to work now. Thanks!
  8. No issues here. Make sure under "Options" you have the number of vertical panels set to 1. But I'm just guessing..since you didn't post anything about what kind of results you're getting.
  9. Anyone can download the viewer. I believe you can get to it from Chief's website. And if a homeowner has your plan they can forward it on to someone else and they can now look at your plan.
  10. Thanks all, sorry...kind of forgot that I posted this. The one's in particular I'm having troubles with are the ones that say "Do not show this message AGAIN". Which in my mind means...I get it...I don't want to see this again...ever...period. I will submit a ticket to tech support...
  11. I apologize if this has been discussed already... Is anyone else having the issue of when a DBX pops up and I click "Don't show this message again." it doesn't work. When I close CA and open back up then the messages come back.
  12. Thinking a little more on this...why wouldn't there be a "Global Symbol Mapping" on the actual symbol? This way, I would be able to specify any texture I want and wouldn't have to worry that it was selected each time.
  13. Oh, PERFECT! Thanks Mark, that was the one! The stretch planes don't matter. I left them as is and it still works.
  14. So I have something that I'm working on for our crew of draftspeople here. I'm creating some "general" fire place symbols that we can use and can resize quickly to roughly show homeowners. With this, I created my first symbol and went to a 3D view and created the symbol under Tools>Symbol>Convert to Symbol. It looks great, I went into the details (specifically stretch planes) and set them correctly so that it adjusts and still looks somewhat accurate. The problem is, is that my stone texture looks all wrong. It either smashes the texture down or stretches it way out. It seems like it should just keep the texture the same and it would just keep tiling it as needed. Is there something that I'm missing, or doing incorrectly? I've attached a plan and also some 3D shots of what I'm talking about. Untitled 1.zip
  15. Can you post the plan here and we all can take a look?... I have noticed that X9 does have some issues with displaying thinner lines, such as grids on a window, at a distance. The difference is even more noticeable when you don't have the "Edge Smoothing when Idle" checked.
  16. Perry, I usually can't make it to the GoToMeetings. It was just a thought that I had, and didn't know if anyone else shared the same sentiments...
  17. I would tend to do it the same as Eric. You'll more than likely have more freedom and better luck than with Polyline Solids.
  18. Lance, I haven't checked EVERY material in X9 but a vast majority of them have bumps or normals. There doesn't appear to be a rhyme or reason on which one they use. What I did was created a normal off of the texture. From there I would create the material in Chief, and then export that particular material. I would then delete it out of my library and then re-import the material. What this does is puts everything in the default location that Chief uses, so that my other users can have the same materials without having to have access to those particular texture/normal maps. Don't know if any of that helps or not.
  19. Soooo...with it being 2017 and the year of the UGM, wondering about the classes or if they've even been considered yet. I posted something after the last UGM about a truly ADVANCED user class. Maybe this would only have 10-15 people in it, and would be ran for the people by the people.....there would be no schedule, no agenda, just people sharing their knowledge. Just wondering if this will be the case or not...as I'd like to attend...but not if it's like the last one. Thoughts?...
  20. Kirk, So you're saying that in order to embed either the 360 Pano or 3D Viewer into another site we'd have to use other software? I'm just wondering as I'd like to work with realtors to get them 3D Viewer files that they could embed into their MLS websites. The problem is...they're not going to want to change code every time in order to do this. It would be super cool if there was a way to either copy the link to go to chiefarchitect.com or else select "Embed", and it would copy what was needed to embed it for them. I guess the more I think about it...they might have to change code anyways...hmmmmm......
  21. Sorry Rob, been out due to personal issues. Glad I could help in some way!
  22. I'm guessing the reason for the mouse zoom is because of 3D>Camera View Options>Perspective Crop Mode. Turn it on and it will zoom like it used to in X7. If it's turned off, it will physically move the camera forward and backwards.