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  1. Wow.. sorry to hear about your dad. Maybe see you next time on Kauai.
  2. Thanks Rene, contacted Delta to see if they have available, as not seeing on their site.
  3. Photo of model... trying to get closer to.
  4. Know where to find one of these, or how much to make one?
  5. Since the last update, I am having this issue, also. I have to keep closing, at least it saves before it closes & then re-open. With deadlines, I haven't had time to check-in with Technical.
  6. Cool stuff... all of it.. .Mahalo!
  7. There it is! Thank you - was just looking for - to change width for standing seam, so needed the DBX.
  8. There is a "publication of ANSI Standard J-STD-710 Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols." According to the article: "This new standard defines a common set of blueprint icons that represents all facets of pre-wire and installation of electronic systems, products and devices in residential and commercial environments". http://www.cedia.net/about/press-room/press-releases "The recently published standard is available free of charge through the CEDIA Resource Library. CEA, CEDIA and InfoComm will also soon release icons that can be used in Microsoft Visio, AutoCad, and other drawing programs." Here's the link to the pdf download (first you have to do a free sign-up if you haven't before): http://www.cedia.net/ProductCatalog/Product.aspx?ID=892 If anyone finds the CAD icons whenever available, let us know.