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    Plan View Elevation Markers

    Thanks Eric!
  2. CharlesVolz

    Need lots of help

    Howdy Tom, I can help you! Give me a call tonight. Regards, Charles 210 744-7489
  3. Howdy Greg, I can help you. Give me a call or email. Regards, Charles
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    All Your Questions Answered Here

    @Rich_Winsor Toooooo Funny!
  5. Howdy Jake, I can help you and I am right here in North San Antonio! Regards, Charles
  6. CharlesVolz


    Nice work Dave!
  7. CharlesVolz

    How Many Users Ray Trace With Chief?

    If you can find one.
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    Ceiling Cassettes

  9. CharlesVolz

    3D PDF

    Here is how I used to do it in 2012. Adobe Reader is all you need to open the 3D PDF. I think this may not work anymore with the elimination of Adobe Flash. Creating 3D Pdf Files.pdf
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    narrow to wider stairs?

    It seems that this is a residential project.
  11. CharlesVolz

    narrow to wider stairs?

    IRC2018 R311.7.6 Landings for stairways. . . The width perpendicular to the direction of travel shall be not less than the width of the flight served. . . Where the stairway has a straight run, the depth in the direction of travel shall be not less than 36 inches. Yes it is allowed so long as the landing is at least 36" deep.
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    CA help with Residential Construction Drawings

    I can't believe he said that! Good one Rene!

  13. Howdy Justin,

    I can help you! Just email me or give me a call at 210 744-7489. I am in north San Antonio with a daughter at UT Austin (so trips to Austin are cool). BTW, David Potter (512 518-3161) is another local knowledgeable designer/trainer who is in Austin.

    Here is some information about me and how I work:

    I am a creative designer who has acquired unique experiences and perspectives from my collection of work as a designer and builder. I have degrees in structural engineering (BS Rice University) and architectural engineering (MS University of Texas at Austin) and have planned, designed, developed and built various, diverse projects over my 30-year career. 

    I am a member of the American Institute of Building Design ("AIBD"), which provides quality continuing education to ensure its members remain current with technology, materials and building codes. AIBD holds its members to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

    I utilize the latest technology like GoToMeeting to work with customers live online and OBS Live to record "how-to" videos for builders, designers and DIYers, instructing home design using Chief Architect.

    I have worked with owners, builders, designers and architects from all over the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and England. I offer time-saving design assistance as well as expert training in Chief Architect. I am available to design your home from concept to working drawings, assist you in learning Chief Architect and/or improve your existing home design.

    Whether you need a home designer or just a few hours of training, I can accommodate you.

    I work in prepaid blocks of time (20-hour minimum for design work and 3-hour minimum for training). Once I receive payment, I schedule the time. (Training students can use the time in 1-hour minimum blocks of time.) When I complete the time, I will send you the plan or you can purchase another block of time. You keep any time credit left over for future help for up to six months after purchase. This method gives you the flexibility to hire me for the work you desire without a long-term commitment. There is no obligation for you to pay for additional blocks of time. My current hourly rate is $95. I am very fair with my billable hours and do not charge for nonproductive time. I invoice via PayPal with the accounting and design agreement attached. I add a 3% technical service fee (rounded) to pay for online meetings, online file sharing and storage, online 3D viewer, etc. and charge a flat 30 minutes for initial calls, discussions and emails; setting up job file folders, accounting, organizing emails and to do list; sharing Dropbox folder, etc.

    I will send you a 20-hour invoice, if that is acceptable, so we can get started. Just let me know.


    Charles K. Volz
    Castlerock Designer Homes
    947 Cheyenne Creek
    San Antonio, Texas 78258
    Phone:  210 744-7489
    Skype:   CharlesVolz

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    Is a 1 hour wall needed?

    Remember that a sheet 5/8" Type X drywall in not 1-hour rated. An often-used 1-hour fire wall assembly consists of 2x4 studs @ 16 inches covered by 5/8" Type X drywall on each side.
  15. CharlesVolz

    Footprint / Plot Changes

    It could be your layerset has the roof included.?
  16. CharlesVolz

    Plan View vs Annotation Sets vs Layers

    That is what I do. Every main annoset and layerset has a working version (that I can temporarily add construction lines, etc.) and a final version (that stays the same and goes to layout). That way you do not leave the wrong layers on or off by mistake in layout. Regarding Saved Plan Views: If you go to a layout plan and open a view, that will give you that view with the correct floor, camera, zoom, reference floor, annosets, layersets, etc., the same as a Saved Plan View. That helped me understand what a Saved Plan View is.
  17. May be helpful to know where your Evergreen studio is.
  18. CharlesVolz

    Garage Door Wizard Update

    OK guys, Kerry Francis of Garage Door Wizard fame emailed me over the weekend and said that he does not plan on improving the program because the demand does warrant the work required. However, he is allowing me to sell Version 2.10.0025 of the program that works on with Chief Architect Premier X9 and Windows 10. To keep the cost and trouble down, I will sell the program for Kerry on the honor system. You send me $20 via PayPal to and I will forward you the program via email. No sharing, warranty, no returns, no crying, no whining. Please let the rest of us know if it works or not on your computer setup by posting on this thread so others can decide whether to buy. Upgrades are $20 also since there is no way to monitor registered users. Kerry said that the price back in the day was $35. So it is a good deal. Kerry was nice enough to allow me to distribute this because some of us asked for it. I am just trying to contribute to you guys and gals on the forum who have helped me by participating on the forum. Regards, Charles
  19. CharlesVolz

    Garage Door Wizard Update

    OK. The Garage Door Wizard works for me in X12. Send me $20 and an email address and we will email you the program. Please abide by the same rules as before. If anyone knows Kerry Francis' current email or phone, please let me know. Otherwise, I will have to track him down again. Charles
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    Customer wants temporary access to my software key?!

    I really do not like the saying "no good deed goes unpunished" so I change it to "not all good deeds go unpunished" and be careful!
  21. CharlesVolz

    Triple Gable

    Howdy Bob, I suggest that you learn the basics of manual roof planes. It is not hard to learn the basics in under an hour with a qualified instructor. Regards, Charles
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    Beginner questions

  23. CharlesVolz

    Kansas City floor plans

    Do you need onsite measuring?
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    2019 CRC

    Thanks, Perry!