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  1. I use them also. You could say that the perspective views are distorted... to look correct from one point of view. But we don't draw what we see, we draw a scaled structure so that it can be built. Perpectives only help us understand the structure from our limited point of view. Perspectives translate the actual to our understanding. Reminds me of an interesting book from highschool geometry, discussing that a line looks like a point (or two) if you are at a point in that line. A polyline looks like a line, etc.
  2. I ordered Stream Deck XL 32 keys...If it's good for Joe... Thanks for the input guys. Best, Charles
  3. They seem the same other than X-keys have more keys (which I like) and StreamDeck has nice key graphics available (which I would like). Both allow multiple uses of each key. Right?
  4. Make sure your Floor Surfaces layer is the plan.
  5. Yes, No, Yes. Howdy Joey, I suggest you spend some energy on tutorial videos or one-on-one training, depending on how you learn the best. I can help you with training as can others on this forum. Best, Charles
  6. Howdy Joey, The surface is registered as framing (purlin). Uncheck that.
  7. I use TurboPDF from TurboCad for markups. Works well. Affordable.
  8. Upgrade quicker! Rent or use a trial version if you have to. At 10 designs per year, it would only cost you the equivalent of a couple hours of design time (or less) each month. You are spending much more time than that not having it. The software is not perfect, but focus on what it does do well without glitches. It melts my butter. Best, Charles
  9. Nice Rob! Don't forget the purlin blocking.
  10. I agree. I use default sets and layer sets that are temporary (I call "Working") and permanent (I call "Final"). These are set for all categories: floor plan, electrical, plumbing, etc. I change the Working sets as I need to without worry. I never change the Final unless I tweak them with extreme caution. The Final sets are what goes to Layout. That way I do not have to worry about that stray layer being left off on on in the layout view.
  11. Good idea Glenn! I will add it to my list, but it did not help me find a material on an ice maker. That detail was not in the material list. Also, is there not a way to search the material list without exporting or copy/pasting it to another program? Hand searching a large material list with the entire plan of materials is tedious.
  12. I lose my toolbar configuration often if I drag the plan to display on my second monitor (which is smaller but the same resolution). I do the above AND copy my configuration using CA as below. I just make 4 or 5 copies after making any changes to my toolbars (and renaming using the date of modification). Then when my toolbars go wonky, I just select the next configuration. It has always worked for me as long as I have copies remaining.
  13. Hey Charles, When can you start on my project! Thanks, Mr. Bump
  14. Somebody will probably have a better way, but what I do is edit the material to be a unique bright color, turn on all layers and look for it in 2D and 3D.
  15. Use a black/dark gray circular 3D solid (polyline) 1/00 as thick as a pull knob symbol?
  16. Rebuild the deck framing.