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  1. I have a 10" Samsung Tab and just wondering if that is large enough for sketching with GoodNotes in the field for as-builts.
  2. Rob, That sounds good. What do you use that on in the field? Laptop, tablet? How large of screen? Best, Charles
  3. Here is something that I worked up for a client recently. I hope that it may help someone. Best, Charles Terrain - Copy, Paste, Move, Rotate - Notes & Layerset.pdf
  4. Aging in place: I am doing a lot of 1 1/2" steps and some with flared "ramps" at the door so that they are not trip hazards and can accommodate future wheelchair use. I use a 1 /12", 3 1/2", 5 1/2" etc. drops so they can be formed without ripping standard lumber.
  5. Here is how I did it: Foundation Wall with a Joist Lug Using a Pony Wall: 1. Set you basement defaults (Floor 0 Defaults) for the basement “floor elevation” and the “stem wall height” desired. 2. Set your foundation defaults to “Hang 1st Floor Platform Inside Foundation Walls”. 3. Create a pony wall with the desired “upper and lower wall types”, ”elevation of lower wall top” and “align pony wall” at “main layer outside”. 4. Add a wall cap to the size of the sill using the horizontal offset to position it correctly. (CA will automatically place it over the top of the lower Pony Wall.) Change the wall cap material to treated lumber or as desired. 5. Use a CAD Cross Box in elevation to detail the sill.
  6. I am a creative designer and an expert in Chief Architect 3D Design software who has acquired unique experiences and perspectives from my collection of work as a designer and builder. I have degrees in structural engineering (BS Rice University) and architectural engineering (MS University of Texas at Austin) and have planned, designed, developed and built various, diverse projects over my 30-year plus career. I utilize the latest technology to work with customers live online and to record "how-to" videos for builders, designers and DIYers instructing home design using Chief Architect. I offer design assistance and training for beginners to intermediate using Chief Architect versions X10 to X15 and design assistance for all newer Home Designer products. I have worked with homeowners, builders, designers and architects from all over the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and England. I offer money-saving proficient design assistance as well as expert training in Chief Architect. I am available to design your home from concept to working drawings, assist you in learning Chief Architect and/or improve your existing home design. Whether you need a home designer or just a few hours of training, I can accommodate you. Call me at 210 744-7489! Thank you in advance, Charles
  7. Page 4 of Symbols
  8. Also, make sure it is re-framing, i.e., auto frame roofs is on or manually select roof plane(s) and select frame.
  9. Most of us had unrealistic expectations when we started with CA. It takes a while to learn enough to generate a detailed set of plans. Getting some training will speed up the learning curve tremendously. Welcome aboard!
  10. 1. Not posting the plan. 2. Not having a signature on the forum showing us your CA version. 1st guess: make sure room structure tab has roof over this room checked...
  11. Here is the all-in-one I bought and recommend. This is my 3rd or fourth generation of this line. They have been very good. Also, I used cheap remanufactured ink in all of them and have had no problems. I got 5% off. I think by giving Brother my email. Also, free shipping. Best deal I found. Regards, Charles
  12. Try turning off your grid snaps to avoid competing snaps.
  13. Mad scientist at work! I really enjoy your talent and ability to utilize CA in ever way imaginable! Good job! And thanks for always sharing!
  14. Defaults are for that plan only. Preferences are program-wide.
  15. Yessir. If your roof plane is cutting the front railing wall and stopping it from achieving the ceiling height; and the side walls are continuing up to ceiling height.
  16. Look at your beam size in your railing wall. Or grab "same wall type" handle on your front railing wall and extend over each side railing wall. And/or post the plan. (Sounds like you did the first two suggestions.)
  17. Is there a loyal customer discount or are you going to a subscription format?
  18. Thanks for your post Kyle! Quite an improvement, but not quite there yet. I submit that the overall shape is still the same horizontal yuck. Also, the individual panes are too square. I would suggest that 3 separate windows with a taller aspect ratio be used, or that this effect is accomplished on the cheap by adding much wider "muntins" to look like "mullions". To stir the pot, I have attached an short article I wrote on the subject of window aspect ratios. Window Aspect Ratios.pdf
  19. Those newly required countertop outlets are great! Now I don't have to bend over to plug in my vacuum cleaner!
  20. Crazy... Thanks Alan! So kids will tripping over longer extension cords with mixers, blenders, etc. raining down on them.
  21. Agree! Online storage is cheap. That is where I would suggest you backup.
  22. Post the plan file and tell us what program/version you are using.